Sunday, September 21, 2014

Moving On

Two Mondays ago (aka two weeks ago) I had a job interview for an internal job within my building....
Before I even got the email offering me the interview, my boss asked me if I had an upcoming interview in XXXXXX. I replied with a big fat no. This was news to me if it was true. And let me tell you, I was very doubtful. My boss then proceeded to tell me how the person over this particular department told her someone from her team had made the referral list and was getting invited for an interview. She told him she hoped it was me because I'm a hard working employee and deserve a promotion. She said she was telling me because I was the only one she could think of in our office who would have applied for it.
1.) How nice of her to speak so highly of me and 2.) I was hopeful, but not counting on it.
Once she walked away, I went through all my old documents to see if I had even applied for this particular job... I had.
And thankfully, the very next morning, I got an email inviting me for the interview.
Obviously I replied yes and then told my boss the exciting news. She seemed genuinely happy for me.
The interview was with a panel of four people - three men and a lady. It's one thing to have an interview one on one, but it’s a whole other ballgame when four people are starring you down as you answer their questions.
I felt the interview mostly went well. Although there were two questions I had to have repeated and there were a few things I was unsure of in regards to my answers.
After my interview, I told my boss how it went and she later went to the same guy and asked how I did. He told her I did great and I didn’t appear nervous at all. I told her he was lying because I had even told them I was nervous. LOL!
A few days passed and I just moved on. Not because I didn't think I got the job.... they usually take FOREVER to pick someone and then notify them.
Guess what though?
I got the job and I start tomorrow!
Yes, you read the above correctly!
Last Monday, my boss came up to me to see if I had heard anything. I had not. She asked if I had been checking my email. I had. She told me to keep checking my email. I KNEW SHE KNEW SOMETHING! Yet when I asked, she just told me to keep checking my email. In hindsight, could she be anymore obvious? :)
I even texted Matt while still at work and told him I think I got the job but I didn't want to get my hopes up in case I didn't.
Tuesday, I got the call... I got the job!!!
Wednesday, I got the official offer in writing. And duh!... I accepted.
Thursday I out-processed my current department and my current boss and I got invited to check out my new desk.
And here we are, Sunday evening before starting my new job. I'm sitting in bed typing this up while my face mask is hardening on my face. I still have a few more things to do tonight and then I am off to bed.
I'm nervous and excited. I hate making new friends and I am unsure of how my new schedule will be. I am also concerned about how easily vacation and sick time can be used. I have a dental appointment in two weeks and I might have a doctor appointment this week. Not to mention I want the day after Thanksgiving and a few days around Christmas off. Priorities right?
I am hoping tomorrow I find out I worried for nothing.
Wish me luck!

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