Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Happy Fall Ya'll

I promise I had the best of intentions to post a picture of my new fall wreath on the first day of autumn, but obviously, that ship has sailed. You like how I added in a 'ship'? Subliminal messages people. Subliminal messages.... Just saying.
Without further ado, I present to you my fall burlap wreath:
I did not accomplish the exact look I was wanting, but I am settling for the year and calling this 'done'. I used 3 rolls of ribbon and you can barely see those colors. I wanted the ribbon to be bursts of pooping color. Your eye would see burlap, yes, but you would also see creams and oranges and the other colors.
The burlap didn’t do what I was wanting it to do either. I think the material is too heavy. All those YouTube videos I watched online made it look easy. They have either made a jillion of these things or they are naturally gifted. Clearly, I am neither. What do you think it is? Perhaps they used double the amount of ribbon then they claimed? That's a valid conclusion on my part.
Once fall is over I will remove all the material off my wreath form and use the form for my winter wreath. I already have some ideas brewing in my head as to the look I am wanting to achieve. I'm going to keep it my little secret for now.
In completely other news...
Round 1 of Clomid was an epic fail.
I was very hopefully... even though deep down I wasn't expecting it to work. I can't imagine many people have good luck on round 1.

With the exception of feeling bloated and constipated, I was very fortunate not to have any of the side effects I read online and on the instruction sheet from the pharmacy while taking the Clomid tablets. Those were 50mg each. After talking to the nurse who talked to the doctor, I am starting round 2 of Provera and Clomid at 100 mg this time.
I took my first Provera pill last night with dinner. Currently feeling bloated and constipated. I wanted to start the process as quickly as I could. I am going to try and eat better this cycle. Maybe that was part of my problem. Maybe not. Who knows.  Fingers crossed all goes well!

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