Friday, August 22, 2014

Written Right Before The New Weekend

Happy Friday my dear bloggy friends!
Matt and I were just discussing how some days seem to drag on but then when you think back to the entire week, it flew by. And that’s five days opposed to the two precious days we get for the weekend. I wish I worked four 10 hour shifts opposed to my five 8 hour shifts. Wishful thinking though. Not gonna happen at my current job. Matt and I really do need to think of a profitable business we could open. I do realize I would have to work more hours, but at least having my own business would allow me to wear what I want to wear, surf the web on the clock, give me personal satisfaction, etc. (Possibly bring Wyatt to work with me.) 
Living the exciting life we lead, last Friday consisted of going to the eye doctor (me) to get a yearly exam and buy a year worth of contacts with the money I get from my eye insurance (plus $130), buying a new shirt with teeny tiny anchors on it from Kohl's on clearance for $7 (for now and future cruises), picking up a Papa Murphy's pizza, working out at the gym and then getting ice cream cones from McDonald's. I wanted to be home as close to 8:30PM as possible in the event of the 'Louisville Purge' being a real thing. Yes, I am one of those paranoid people who thought something bad could happen. It didn’t. Evidently it was a teenager 'who made a horrible mistake' when he put up fliers/posters around town and talked about it. I think he should be put on trial for committing an act of terrorism. Violence is not a joke. Why should he get away with causing fear in some people? Several schools cancelled school events on Friday just in case and I am sure our state fair suffered in attendance because of the threat. If it was a 'mistake', he should have contacted the authority prior to Friday. Makes me mad!
That evening we stayed up late watching movies. Joe was a stupid movie and we stopped watching within 30 minutes. Divergent was as good as I remember from the movie theater.
I slept in Saturday morning and then took a nap later on in the day. I'm not like Matt... I need at least an hour for my naps. When Matt woke me after an hour and a half, I proceeded to sleep even longer which in turn made us miss church and kept me up past 4AM the following night tossing and turning.
Saturday also consisted of grocery shopping at Kroger and Meijer followed by walking down the many wonderful aisles of Hobby Lobby. I could spend all day there. I wish I could fill up a cart of goodies and then be told it all costs $20. Heck, I would pay $50. Sadly, that wont happen and I don’t have an unlimited amount of money at my disposal which means I cannot make everything I see in the store (and Pinterest) even though I would love it. I did mange to buy some ribbon and burlap to make a fall wreath and a Halloween wreath. Still need more - I have everything for my fall one, but I still need everything except one roll of ribbon for my Halloween one. I have an idea of what I am wanting to make and now I just need to find all the right components.
Sunday, after sleeping in after another night of not being able to sleep and missing church, Matt and I went to lunch at Moe's and to shop at Sam's Club. Even with me avoiding going to Target we still manage to spend a lot of money shopping. Stupid expensive groceries!
I keep saying we are only going to shop one day over the weekend yet that never seems to happen. We always manager to go both days.
That is NOT how you convince your husband to go on a second cruise this year!
I took my last Provera pill with lunch on Sunday.
I was looking forward to 'Aunt Flow' visiting so I can start my next series of pills followed by you know what every other day. Now that 'she' is here (effective 5PM Wednesday), I'm ready for 'her' to be gone. Having 'your aunt' not visit often does have some perks. TMI - I hate getting my panties dirty. Gross! I swear, after I have two kids, I would be okay with never getting another visit from 'my aunt'.
P.S. I cannot stop eating. I catch myself eating all damn day at work. And I don’t think it is because I am hungry. I think I do it out of boredom and frustration. A tale tell indication of me needing a new job.

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