Friday, August 1, 2014

Kentucky State Capital

Do you see the gorgeousness of this place?
I seriously think I could have spent all day here walking around admiring the scenery.
According to our tour guide, Kentucky's State Capital building is ranked third in the United States according to AAA. Number one being DC and number two being PA. I don't count DC as a state capital therefore, in my opinion, ours must be number two. I need to check out PA's to see if I agree with this opinion. I doubt I will.
We started off walking the grounds by ourselves with the help of the map I printed off the internet from Kentucky's website prior to coming here. You could have walked around without one since everything was well marked and there are plenty of sidewalks you could just follow along on.
I'm glad I brought my new Cannon along for this trip. I think my pictures turned out great! I do still need to learn how to use more of the manual settings though. I'm already making plans in my head to come back here to take more pictures once I do.
Aren't the clouds amazing in this picture? They add to the beautifulness.
Not sure why the clouds weren't as pretty in the above 4 pictures.
When you enter the interior of the actual capital, you give your driver's license to the officer/guard who signs you in and then has you go through the metal detector. Typical of all state and federal buildings. I'm glad I remembered to bring my id with me after locking my purse in my car's trunk.
After getting our stuff back, we were then directed to the tour desk and signed up for a guided tour beginning in 15 minutes. We could have done a self guided tour, but the hour and a half guided tour sounded very appealing to me. Luckily, there was only us and one other man who was the one to tell us about the Old State Capital building.
While waiting for the tour to begin, we checked out the rotunda.
Look how beautiful the ceiling is!!!!!

A few facts we learned:
This building is actually the forth KY State Capital building - the first two burned down and the third one is the one we didn't get to view. This building opened in 1910 after being worked on for six years. The entire main interior areas are made of different marbles. Each different colored marble is from different areas such as Tennessee, Vermont and even Pakistan. The huge columns cost $1900 each back when the building was made. Imagine how much money that would be today. Let me just say - WOW! The murals on the ceiling were added in 2009 and were a gift - I forget from who. At the very top of the dome, there are now LED lights which change colors - also added recently.
If you look from one side of the building all the way to the other side, depending which side you are on, you can see the Senate and the House chambers. We were told if both doors are open, the people seated in the middle looking out have a clear line of vision to the other chambers' people seated in the exact spots.
Both doors are usually closed and the air is turned down lower in both these rooms to not allow condensation because of the glass in the ceilings which will make the condensation drop down onto the old furniture and of course, the people.
Here is our Supreme Court's room where KY's judicial branch meets.
This room is all made out of solid Honduras mahogany wood. When the capital was appraised, this was valued as the most expensive room in the whole building since the tree that produces this wood is nearing extinction.
House chambers:
Senate chambers:
I should of asked to have my picture taken behind the main desk in the Senate chamber like I had done in the House. Had we of taken the self guided tour, we wouldn't have been able to get so close since she is the one who moved the ropes for us to get closer. Another perk of taking the guided tour.
In both chambers, the furniture is the original furniture used when the building was first opened. Obviously, modern technology was later added. Do you see the different buttons on the left side of the desks? They vote right from there.
In the House chambers, you can see who voted how on the wall. She didn't mention anything about this in the Senate.
Even the door knobs in this place are beautiful.
Did you notice the details on the exterior of the building?
The governor's mansion is on the same property as the capital.
Who needs The White House when you can live right here? :)
While we were walking around, we saw this floral clock. I can't remember what they called it, but do you see how pretty it is? Not only is it pretty, but it actually works.
While I was taking pictures of it and the surrounding flowers, Matt got all excited about how the minute hand noticeably moved and asked if I saw it.
I did not.
He was not joking, it did move and was very neat to watch.

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  1. I did not realize the Kentucky capital is so beautiful! And you looked beautiful sitting in the senate chambers. We will need to spend a little time there as I am now interested.