Friday, August 8, 2014

Got The Pills

I had my second appointment with my gynecologist yesterday.
And I was given all good news! :)
My appointment started off by me getting an ultrasound of my ovaries to make sure everything looked normal. The technician said my ovaries were both average sized with no abnormities. I do still have small cysts, but she again said they are no big deal as long as they do not grow. She also said something about me having a lot of follicles. I was unsure of what that meant even though I do remember seeing them mentioned on several blogs and forums I read - I had to Google it.
According to THIS WEBSITE: "It is common for women to have polycystic ovaries, which means their ovaries develop more follicles than normal every month. Usually about five follicles start to mature during each menstrual cycle and at least one egg-containing follicle releases a mature egg at ovulation. But a polycystic ovary starts maturing at least twice as many follicles than normal, most of which enlarge and ripen but do not release an egg."
Okay, makes sense.
After pictures and measurements were taken using the internal camera that goes up your vagina, I walked down the hall to see my gynecologist - Dr. G - who told me my lab work and the pictures/measurements of my ovaries all came back normal and as she expected.
She prescribed me Provera (Medroxyprogestrone 10 mg tab) which is a synthetic version of the hormone progesterone that should force my body to have a period. I am to take this pill for 10 days. If no period comes, I am to call her and come back in to see her. I am pretty confident I will get a period... I have been on this medication before and was successful.
If I do get my period, I can then start the clomid (Clomiphene citrate 50 mg tab) she prescribed me.
She told me the first day of bleeding is cycle day 1 (CD1).
On CD5 I am to start the medication and take it for the next 5 days. This medicine is suppose to help stimulate your ovaries to release eggs.
CD10-20 we are to have intercourse every other day. Her words, not mine.
CD28, if I get my period, she said it means I ovulated and I'm not pregnant. Time to try a different dosage. I will call her office and try again.
CD32-34, if I still haven’t gotten my period, I am to take a pregnancy test. If negative, I am to call and she will up the dosage of the medicine.
So basically, I will be calling her office no matter what to be checked out. She seemed very hopefully this will work. I am hopeful as well. If we don’t get pregnant after three cycles with the clomid, she said we will then try something else.
She once again warned me about the clomid when she told me there is a 8% chance of twins and 1 in 250 chance of triplets. I would rather have two kinds one at a time, but I would be okay with twins. I might even be okay with triplets. Maybe. I don’t really know. The odds are very low.
I'll be happy with whatever GOD decides to bless us with. I just hope we are able to get pregnant.
Last night Matt and I ate Jimmy John's subs and chips followed by 2 Krispy Kreme doughnuts each andacandybariboughtwhilewaitingformeperscriptiontobefilled.
Matt and I haven't been doing too great counting our carbs like we had been doing. Effective today, we are both 'back on the wagon'. I am still just under 180 pounds at 5'4. Not horrible, but not good. I tend to carry all my weight in my middle section. I would like for this to slim down some while we are trying to conceive. I am going to try everything I can to help this work.
This morning I took a pregnancy test per the doctor's instructions. Negative of course. And then with my lunch this afternoon I took my first provera pill. I marked the start and stop dates of the pill on my calendar and added the pills to my weekly pill container.
I'm all set.
Pills and diet with sex mixed in will hopefully (fingers crossed with baby dust sprinkled on top) make us a baby in my tummy!
And because all posts need pictures:
He's an adorable idiot!

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