Saturday, August 2, 2014

Frankfort KY Intresting Sights

While traveling around the Frankfort, KY area, Matt and I saw a few unique picture worthy sights we have never seen anywhere else.
I think they are worth writing about and showing you.
This first one is a house within walking distance of the Midway School Bakery.
I saw it when we first pulled into the parking lot and I told Matt I had to get a close look at the place. It has the word 'READ' all around the porch. I think the colors stand out well on the white house. I enjoy reading therefore this appeals to me. It is adorable. I think if I owned a daycare it would be cute to have something similar with the words 'READ', 'PLAY' and 'SING'. Or something along those lines.
While sitting at a stop light, I saw this truck and had to snap a picture with my phone.
It says 'College Hunks Hauling Junk'.
I think it is hilarious! I asked Matt if he thought you could demand a refund if the guys who came to your house weren't hunks. Ha ha ha!!!
Very cute and memorable business name. I imagine people call them all the time - especially women.
While at the Old State Capital building, which is located next to the downtown area, we noticed train tracks in the middle of the road.
Literally in the middle of the road!
At least where we live, this is not something you see everyday. I cannot imagine driving directly next to a train traveling in the middle of the road. I wish we could have seen one pass by. Perhaps next time.

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  1. Going there next week for the day. Tell me where the good grub is...wish I could see you!