Friday, August 1, 2014

Frankfort (and area) Road Trip 2014

Granted, we only drove 2 hours away, but I'm counting it.
I am officially crossing off 'Go on a road trip' from my 30 Before 30 list.
My reasons are as follows:
1. It was 2 hours away from my house and consisted of sightseeing and eating at a new restaurant. Criteria for a road trip, I do believe.
2. We had an official drink - Ale 8-One.
3. We got stuck in traffic - almost 2 hours to travel 4 miles on the way home.
4. It's already August 1st - I turn 30 in November.
5. This 30 Before 30 list is stupid. Mostly because I have barely accomplished anything on my list. If I create a 40 Before 40 list, I'll make sure all items are extremely doable.
What prompted this little road trip was Ale 8-One soda. A delicious ginger ale like soda in a green glass bottle. If you remember, Matt and I went to a Beer Cheese Festival in Winchester, KY back in June and tried this delicious soda with our lunch. I liked the taste and I was delighted to see it was made with Splenda - my sugar of choice. Not only is the soda made locally; they offer free tours on Thursdays and Fridays. Count me in!
Per the company's website, I reserved us two spots for a tour and then mapped out a day of sightseeing and new experiences.
Frankfort Pike was a specific road I wanted to travel based on reviews online. Evidently this road has been voted one of the 10 best scenic bypasses in the United States. It promised beautiful country roads surrounded by horse farms and huge old homes. It was nice, but I wouldn't go out of way to travel on it again. All the roads in the area looked the same to me.
We left our house around 8:30 yesterday morning in order to make it to our first stop on time - Ale 8-One aka 'A Late One' bottling tour. This was very easy to find since it was right off the interstate.
After signing in and walking around the small gift shop, we waited in the break room area with other people waiting for the tour to begin. There were probably 20-30 people in our tour from all the over this side of the country. Our tour started off by watching a short video on the history of the company. The video was cute and made me smile/chuckle several times. I think it would be enjoyable to all age groups. After the video, our tour guide gave us some additional information on the company and we got to the smell the secret formula only known by four living family members.
Next was the actual tour of the facility. We got to be near the finished products wrapped in cellophane on pallets, the labels and the empty bottles also wrapped in cellophane. We only got to view the actual bottling process behind glass. I'm sure this is for security and sanitation concerns. 
After viewing the bottling process, we got to sample our very own cold bottle of soda. Time was even given to allow for pictures to be taken in the facility.
Here I am holding my cold one in front of the empty glass bottles.
Overall, I enjoyed this tour and I do recommend taking it.
Before leaving the facility, we bought 4 additional bottles of soda for 50 cents each making it our official road trip beverage.
Next stop, lunch at Wallace Station.
I read about this place online and wanted to try it since Guy from Food Network voted it one of the top 5 burgers.
Ya, as of now, I no longer value his opinion. I didn't think it was that great. And this isn't the first time he has steered us wrong.
Here's that so called famous burger - we both ordered it.
We wont be coming back here. Not worth the $25 we spent.
Ahead of time, I decided I wanted to get dessert from Wallace Station's sister restaurant called The Midway School Bakery. This was once a high school which is now an apartment complex on the left and a bakery on the right. I knew it was a place we HAD to check out. I'm all about seeing a place with a history.
The bakery is one big open area as you can see in the picture below.
Nothing fancy or overall special about the interior. With the exception of the appliances, everything seems to be original to the building.
I ordered the big chocolate chip cookie and Matt had the cinnamon roll.
We both thought the desserts were yummy. Well worth the $6 we spent.
We would stop here again if in the area.
After eating, we went to the Kentucky State Capital.
I'm going to give it it's own post due to the amazingness of it! If you are ever in the area, you MUST view our beautiful state capital.
While on our guided KY State Capital tour, we learned you could tour the Old State Capital. Unfortunately, we missed the last tour of the day so we could only view the outside. I already told Matt I want to make it out here again to see it.
Isn't it stunning?

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  1. You picked very cool things to visit in Lexington. Thank you for sharing your experience honey. Interested in the soda plant...yum!