Friday, August 22, 2014

Written Right Before The New Weekend

Happy Friday my dear bloggy friends!
Matt and I were just discussing how some days seem to drag on but then when you think back to the entire week, it flew by. And that’s five days opposed to the two precious days we get for the weekend. I wish I worked four 10 hour shifts opposed to my five 8 hour shifts. Wishful thinking though. Not gonna happen at my current job. Matt and I really do need to think of a profitable business we could open. I do realize I would have to work more hours, but at least having my own business would allow me to wear what I want to wear, surf the web on the clock, give me personal satisfaction, etc. (Possibly bring Wyatt to work with me.) 
Living the exciting life we lead, last Friday consisted of going to the eye doctor (me) to get a yearly exam and buy a year worth of contacts with the money I get from my eye insurance (plus $130), buying a new shirt with teeny tiny anchors on it from Kohl's on clearance for $7 (for now and future cruises), picking up a Papa Murphy's pizza, working out at the gym and then getting ice cream cones from McDonald's. I wanted to be home as close to 8:30PM as possible in the event of the 'Louisville Purge' being a real thing. Yes, I am one of those paranoid people who thought something bad could happen. It didn’t. Evidently it was a teenager 'who made a horrible mistake' when he put up fliers/posters around town and talked about it. I think he should be put on trial for committing an act of terrorism. Violence is not a joke. Why should he get away with causing fear in some people? Several schools cancelled school events on Friday just in case and I am sure our state fair suffered in attendance because of the threat. If it was a 'mistake', he should have contacted the authority prior to Friday. Makes me mad!
That evening we stayed up late watching movies. Joe was a stupid movie and we stopped watching within 30 minutes. Divergent was as good as I remember from the movie theater.
I slept in Saturday morning and then took a nap later on in the day. I'm not like Matt... I need at least an hour for my naps. When Matt woke me after an hour and a half, I proceeded to sleep even longer which in turn made us miss church and kept me up past 4AM the following night tossing and turning.
Saturday also consisted of grocery shopping at Kroger and Meijer followed by walking down the many wonderful aisles of Hobby Lobby. I could spend all day there. I wish I could fill up a cart of goodies and then be told it all costs $20. Heck, I would pay $50. Sadly, that wont happen and I don’t have an unlimited amount of money at my disposal which means I cannot make everything I see in the store (and Pinterest) even though I would love it. I did mange to buy some ribbon and burlap to make a fall wreath and a Halloween wreath. Still need more - I have everything for my fall one, but I still need everything except one roll of ribbon for my Halloween one. I have an idea of what I am wanting to make and now I just need to find all the right components.
Sunday, after sleeping in after another night of not being able to sleep and missing church, Matt and I went to lunch at Moe's and to shop at Sam's Club. Even with me avoiding going to Target we still manage to spend a lot of money shopping. Stupid expensive groceries!
I keep saying we are only going to shop one day over the weekend yet that never seems to happen. We always manager to go both days.
That is NOT how you convince your husband to go on a second cruise this year!
I took my last Provera pill with lunch on Sunday.
I was looking forward to 'Aunt Flow' visiting so I can start my next series of pills followed by you know what every other day. Now that 'she' is here (effective 5PM Wednesday), I'm ready for 'her' to be gone. Having 'your aunt' not visit often does have some perks. TMI - I hate getting my panties dirty. Gross! I swear, after I have two kids, I would be okay with never getting another visit from 'my aunt'.
P.S. I cannot stop eating. I catch myself eating all damn day at work. And I don’t think it is because I am hungry. I think I do it out of boredom and frustration. A tale tell indication of me needing a new job.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

You're a Good Man Charlie Brown

Remember a few weeks ago I mentioned how my parents came to visit and we all went to go see the musical 'You're a Good Man Charlie Brown' in Bardstown, KY at My Old Kentucky Home State Park? Only, we didn't get to see the show because of rain. I'm sure you do.
I was so disappointed we didn’t get to see it!
Well, last Saturday evening we went to the show and it was wonderful! I thought the cast was great and the atmosphere was just as nice. The show is performed outside underneath the stars and the stage has a backdrop of the forest behind it.
I highly recommend coming here if you get a chance!
*Night pics didn't come out well*

I look forward to seeing The Stephen Foster Story here one day in the future.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Got The Pills

I had my second appointment with my gynecologist yesterday.
And I was given all good news! :)
My appointment started off by me getting an ultrasound of my ovaries to make sure everything looked normal. The technician said my ovaries were both average sized with no abnormities. I do still have small cysts, but she again said they are no big deal as long as they do not grow. She also said something about me having a lot of follicles. I was unsure of what that meant even though I do remember seeing them mentioned on several blogs and forums I read - I had to Google it.
According to THIS WEBSITE: "It is common for women to have polycystic ovaries, which means their ovaries develop more follicles than normal every month. Usually about five follicles start to mature during each menstrual cycle and at least one egg-containing follicle releases a mature egg at ovulation. But a polycystic ovary starts maturing at least twice as many follicles than normal, most of which enlarge and ripen but do not release an egg."
Okay, makes sense.
After pictures and measurements were taken using the internal camera that goes up your vagina, I walked down the hall to see my gynecologist - Dr. G - who told me my lab work and the pictures/measurements of my ovaries all came back normal and as she expected.
She prescribed me Provera (Medroxyprogestrone 10 mg tab) which is a synthetic version of the hormone progesterone that should force my body to have a period. I am to take this pill for 10 days. If no period comes, I am to call her and come back in to see her. I am pretty confident I will get a period... I have been on this medication before and was successful.
If I do get my period, I can then start the clomid (Clomiphene citrate 50 mg tab) she prescribed me.
She told me the first day of bleeding is cycle day 1 (CD1).
On CD5 I am to start the medication and take it for the next 5 days. This medicine is suppose to help stimulate your ovaries to release eggs.
CD10-20 we are to have intercourse every other day. Her words, not mine.
CD28, if I get my period, she said it means I ovulated and I'm not pregnant. Time to try a different dosage. I will call her office and try again.
CD32-34, if I still haven’t gotten my period, I am to take a pregnancy test. If negative, I am to call and she will up the dosage of the medicine.
So basically, I will be calling her office no matter what to be checked out. She seemed very hopefully this will work. I am hopeful as well. If we don’t get pregnant after three cycles with the clomid, she said we will then try something else.
She once again warned me about the clomid when she told me there is a 8% chance of twins and 1 in 250 chance of triplets. I would rather have two kinds one at a time, but I would be okay with twins. I might even be okay with triplets. Maybe. I don’t really know. The odds are very low.
I'll be happy with whatever GOD decides to bless us with. I just hope we are able to get pregnant.
Last night Matt and I ate Jimmy John's subs and chips followed by 2 Krispy Kreme doughnuts each andacandybariboughtwhilewaitingformeperscriptiontobefilled.
Matt and I haven't been doing too great counting our carbs like we had been doing. Effective today, we are both 'back on the wagon'. I am still just under 180 pounds at 5'4. Not horrible, but not good. I tend to carry all my weight in my middle section. I would like for this to slim down some while we are trying to conceive. I am going to try everything I can to help this work.
This morning I took a pregnancy test per the doctor's instructions. Negative of course. And then with my lunch this afternoon I took my first provera pill. I marked the start and stop dates of the pill on my calendar and added the pills to my weekly pill container.
I'm all set.
Pills and diet with sex mixed in will hopefully (fingers crossed with baby dust sprinkled on top) make us a baby in my tummy!
And because all posts need pictures:
He's an adorable idiot!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Frankfort KY Intresting Sights

While traveling around the Frankfort, KY area, Matt and I saw a few unique picture worthy sights we have never seen anywhere else.
I think they are worth writing about and showing you.
This first one is a house within walking distance of the Midway School Bakery.
I saw it when we first pulled into the parking lot and I told Matt I had to get a close look at the place. It has the word 'READ' all around the porch. I think the colors stand out well on the white house. I enjoy reading therefore this appeals to me. It is adorable. I think if I owned a daycare it would be cute to have something similar with the words 'READ', 'PLAY' and 'SING'. Or something along those lines.
While sitting at a stop light, I saw this truck and had to snap a picture with my phone.
It says 'College Hunks Hauling Junk'.
I think it is hilarious! I asked Matt if he thought you could demand a refund if the guys who came to your house weren't hunks. Ha ha ha!!!
Very cute and memorable business name. I imagine people call them all the time - especially women.
While at the Old State Capital building, which is located next to the downtown area, we noticed train tracks in the middle of the road.
Literally in the middle of the road!
At least where we live, this is not something you see everyday. I cannot imagine driving directly next to a train traveling in the middle of the road. I wish we could have seen one pass by. Perhaps next time.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Kentucky State Capital

Do you see the gorgeousness of this place?
I seriously think I could have spent all day here walking around admiring the scenery.
According to our tour guide, Kentucky's State Capital building is ranked third in the United States according to AAA. Number one being DC and number two being PA. I don't count DC as a state capital therefore, in my opinion, ours must be number two. I need to check out PA's to see if I agree with this opinion. I doubt I will.
We started off walking the grounds by ourselves with the help of the map I printed off the internet from Kentucky's website prior to coming here. You could have walked around without one since everything was well marked and there are plenty of sidewalks you could just follow along on.
I'm glad I brought my new Cannon along for this trip. I think my pictures turned out great! I do still need to learn how to use more of the manual settings though. I'm already making plans in my head to come back here to take more pictures once I do.
Aren't the clouds amazing in this picture? They add to the beautifulness.
Not sure why the clouds weren't as pretty in the above 4 pictures.
When you enter the interior of the actual capital, you give your driver's license to the officer/guard who signs you in and then has you go through the metal detector. Typical of all state and federal buildings. I'm glad I remembered to bring my id with me after locking my purse in my car's trunk.
After getting our stuff back, we were then directed to the tour desk and signed up for a guided tour beginning in 15 minutes. We could have done a self guided tour, but the hour and a half guided tour sounded very appealing to me. Luckily, there was only us and one other man who was the one to tell us about the Old State Capital building.
While waiting for the tour to begin, we checked out the rotunda.
Look how beautiful the ceiling is!!!!!

A few facts we learned:
This building is actually the forth KY State Capital building - the first two burned down and the third one is the one we didn't get to view. This building opened in 1910 after being worked on for six years. The entire main interior areas are made of different marbles. Each different colored marble is from different areas such as Tennessee, Vermont and even Pakistan. The huge columns cost $1900 each back when the building was made. Imagine how much money that would be today. Let me just say - WOW! The murals on the ceiling were added in 2009 and were a gift - I forget from who. At the very top of the dome, there are now LED lights which change colors - also added recently.
If you look from one side of the building all the way to the other side, depending which side you are on, you can see the Senate and the House chambers. We were told if both doors are open, the people seated in the middle looking out have a clear line of vision to the other chambers' people seated in the exact spots.
Both doors are usually closed and the air is turned down lower in both these rooms to not allow condensation because of the glass in the ceilings which will make the condensation drop down onto the old furniture and of course, the people.
Here is our Supreme Court's room where KY's judicial branch meets.
This room is all made out of solid Honduras mahogany wood. When the capital was appraised, this was valued as the most expensive room in the whole building since the tree that produces this wood is nearing extinction.
House chambers:
Senate chambers:
I should of asked to have my picture taken behind the main desk in the Senate chamber like I had done in the House. Had we of taken the self guided tour, we wouldn't have been able to get so close since she is the one who moved the ropes for us to get closer. Another perk of taking the guided tour.
In both chambers, the furniture is the original furniture used when the building was first opened. Obviously, modern technology was later added. Do you see the different buttons on the left side of the desks? They vote right from there.
In the House chambers, you can see who voted how on the wall. She didn't mention anything about this in the Senate.
Even the door knobs in this place are beautiful.
Did you notice the details on the exterior of the building?
The governor's mansion is on the same property as the capital.
Who needs The White House when you can live right here? :)
While we were walking around, we saw this floral clock. I can't remember what they called it, but do you see how pretty it is? Not only is it pretty, but it actually works.
While I was taking pictures of it and the surrounding flowers, Matt got all excited about how the minute hand noticeably moved and asked if I saw it.
I did not.
He was not joking, it did move and was very neat to watch.

Frankfort (and area) Road Trip 2014

Granted, we only drove 2 hours away, but I'm counting it.
I am officially crossing off 'Go on a road trip' from my 30 Before 30 list.
My reasons are as follows:
1. It was 2 hours away from my house and consisted of sightseeing and eating at a new restaurant. Criteria for a road trip, I do believe.
2. We had an official drink - Ale 8-One.
3. We got stuck in traffic - almost 2 hours to travel 4 miles on the way home.
4. It's already August 1st - I turn 30 in November.
5. This 30 Before 30 list is stupid. Mostly because I have barely accomplished anything on my list. If I create a 40 Before 40 list, I'll make sure all items are extremely doable.
What prompted this little road trip was Ale 8-One soda. A delicious ginger ale like soda in a green glass bottle. If you remember, Matt and I went to a Beer Cheese Festival in Winchester, KY back in June and tried this delicious soda with our lunch. I liked the taste and I was delighted to see it was made with Splenda - my sugar of choice. Not only is the soda made locally; they offer free tours on Thursdays and Fridays. Count me in!
Per the company's website, I reserved us two spots for a tour and then mapped out a day of sightseeing and new experiences.
Frankfort Pike was a specific road I wanted to travel based on reviews online. Evidently this road has been voted one of the 10 best scenic bypasses in the United States. It promised beautiful country roads surrounded by horse farms and huge old homes. It was nice, but I wouldn't go out of way to travel on it again. All the roads in the area looked the same to me.
We left our house around 8:30 yesterday morning in order to make it to our first stop on time - Ale 8-One aka 'A Late One' bottling tour. This was very easy to find since it was right off the interstate.
After signing in and walking around the small gift shop, we waited in the break room area with other people waiting for the tour to begin. There were probably 20-30 people in our tour from all the over this side of the country. Our tour started off by watching a short video on the history of the company. The video was cute and made me smile/chuckle several times. I think it would be enjoyable to all age groups. After the video, our tour guide gave us some additional information on the company and we got to the smell the secret formula only known by four living family members.
Next was the actual tour of the facility. We got to be near the finished products wrapped in cellophane on pallets, the labels and the empty bottles also wrapped in cellophane. We only got to view the actual bottling process behind glass. I'm sure this is for security and sanitation concerns. 
After viewing the bottling process, we got to sample our very own cold bottle of soda. Time was even given to allow for pictures to be taken in the facility.
Here I am holding my cold one in front of the empty glass bottles.
Overall, I enjoyed this tour and I do recommend taking it.
Before leaving the facility, we bought 4 additional bottles of soda for 50 cents each making it our official road trip beverage.
Next stop, lunch at Wallace Station.
I read about this place online and wanted to try it since Guy from Food Network voted it one of the top 5 burgers.
Ya, as of now, I no longer value his opinion. I didn't think it was that great. And this isn't the first time he has steered us wrong.
Here's that so called famous burger - we both ordered it.
We wont be coming back here. Not worth the $25 we spent.
Ahead of time, I decided I wanted to get dessert from Wallace Station's sister restaurant called The Midway School Bakery. This was once a high school which is now an apartment complex on the left and a bakery on the right. I knew it was a place we HAD to check out. I'm all about seeing a place with a history.
The bakery is one big open area as you can see in the picture below.
Nothing fancy or overall special about the interior. With the exception of the appliances, everything seems to be original to the building.
I ordered the big chocolate chip cookie and Matt had the cinnamon roll.
We both thought the desserts were yummy. Well worth the $6 we spent.
We would stop here again if in the area.
After eating, we went to the Kentucky State Capital.
I'm going to give it it's own post due to the amazingness of it! If you are ever in the area, you MUST view our beautiful state capital.
While on our guided KY State Capital tour, we learned you could tour the Old State Capital. Unfortunately, we missed the last tour of the day so we could only view the outside. I already told Matt I want to make it out here again to see it.
Isn't it stunning?