Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Parents in Louisville Part 1

Matt and I had a wonderful weekend... My mom and her husband came into town for the entire time which was nice since they haven't been here for more than a day over the last couple of years. Unless you count the few days when my mom was here for a class - I do not - we all worked during the day and just ate dinner and watched TV at night. My mom wanted to get a little shopping done and I wanted to take them to see and eat some touristy things within our area. Both were accomplished and I believe everyone had an enjoyable weekend. Sweet success!
We don’t plan on living in Kentucky forever and Matt and I have already planned on trying to see as much as we can and we figured we might as well show them the highlights as well. I don't imagine they will want to visit here once we are gone. So it's really now or never. (I am in the process of trying to convince my husband to move closer to the ocean. Perhaps Northern Florida... Maybe the Jacksonville area. Imagine all the possibilities living there! As of now, he claims we can if we both get jobs there. I am very hopeful at the moment. Nothing is tying us to Kentucky and I feel we should do it before we have any attachment here.)
Saturday afternoon we took them to Louisville Mega Cavern. Basically it is a man-made cave. You tour a small part of the cave on a 'trolley' which is pulled by a jeep and you learn some interesting facts of the cavern for about $14/pp.
The sign above tells you which companies are within the cavern.
Yes, I said within the cavern.
Curious about the place now? You'll have to go to there website to learn about all this...
Matt and I went here I think 2 years ago. I thought it would be something fun for my parents to see. Definitely something different you can't see everywhere.
The site was a success! My mom told me several times how cool the tour was.
While here, we also got to check out the new obstacle course. I think it looks like fun. Matt has zero interest in it. If I ever want to do the course, I guess I won't be going with him. Good thing my mom seemed interested in it. :)
Doesn't it look awesome?
Saturday evening we went to My Old Kentucky Home in Bardstown to see You're a Good Man Charlie Brown. I had been wanting to go here for a few years and I figured we might as well do it now with my parents. This is the place where every year they perform The Stephen Foster Story. Along with The Stephen Foster Story, they feature a different musical each year and this is the one currently playing. I don't want to miss it.
The entire place looks awesome!
You get to watch a musical play outside in the state park. How cool is that?
It has small scale stadium seating situated around a large stage. This place doesn’t appear to have a bad seat. Nope. Not one bad spot. And I LOVE all the trees. It seems like a secret hideaway.
Sadly, when we got there, it was sprinkling. And I thought to myself, 'it will stop raining soon'. I was so sure... But it didn't stop. It started raining larger raindrops before we even got through the main ticket area. Most people waited in the covered area - not everyone though. As you can see. They waited about 30 minutes before calling it a night due to the weather. Our tickets are good for any show this season or next.
I was really disappointed we didn’t get to see the show. It wasn't their fault it was raining though. No one can control the rain.
We do have plans to go again in a couple of weeks. I'm hoping we experience better weather. Better weather as in no rain!

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  1. I'm in for the obstacle course in the cave! Holy smokes, that looks Fun Fun FUN!! I think we should do that the same weekend as the Color Run in October! You in, baby?