Friday, July 25, 2014

Paint With a Shirt Stencil

I'm sure by now you know how much I LOVE cruising! If you don’t, you obviously don’t read my blog enough and/or you don’t know me in real life. But let me assure you, I LOVE EVERYTHING about cruising!
To the point where I might be a tad bit obsessed. A tad.
Yep, I'm one of those people.
One of them who looks on daily to check out possible future cruise deals and to read the forums and reviews daily. One of those people who likes to look at daily, joined a Facebook group which I also look on daily and I have two co-workers who have cruises scheduled in October who I help countdown the days and discuss all things Carnival Cruise. Just typing about cruises right now is making me crave logging onto Carnival's website.
I have a problem.
I do realize this.
So why I am talking about my LOVE of cruising for a blog post titled Paint With a Shirt Stencil?
It's because I have big plans to make myself a cruise shirt in the future.
I would have made one prior to blogging about this, but I just can't set myself up for that kind of disappointment. I'm not independently wealthy and Matt and I both have jobs which translates to no cruise for me right now. (Unless I can somehow swing it for my 30th birthday - not looking good as of now though. Why do you think I want to move to Florida???)
This past week I went to another art class where I learned how to make and use a stencil to paint on fabric.
Who knew this would be so easy? Not me... I was a bit hesitant because I could not fathom how this could possibly work. I am glad I was wrong.
Cotton Fabric (is best)
Freezer Paper
Exacto Knife
Textile Medium
Acrylic Paint
Paint Brushes
Printed Picture
Basically what you do is find a picture online.
Print it as dark as you can make it.
Trace your picture onto freezer paper with the shiny side down.
Using your Exacto knife, remove the actual picture. Leaving you with a stencil.
Place your stencil onto your fabric with the shiny side down and (we placed a piece of paper on top) iron for about 30 seconds on level 3 or 4. Make sure you check your freezer paper to ensure it is stuck to your fabric. If it isn't, repeat for another 30 seconds.
Using your paint and textile medium, use 1 part paint to 2 parts textile medium and sponge a small amount onto your fabric. Our instructor kept stressing to not use a lot of paint. She suggested blotting your brush on your paper before using it on the fabric.
I layered a few different colors on top of each other opposed to using just one color. You can use any method you like best.
Once you are finished painting, carefully remove the freezer paper. This was very easy to do. You are suppose to then allow to it to dry 24 hours. To speed up the process, we blow dried ours. The last step is to set it by ironing it for another minute.
And I actually like how mine turned out. I do think it would be even cuter if I added some words though.
You are suppose to be able to wash your design in cold water without it ruining.
Since I was only practicing on this one, I am going to wash it and see how it holds up. I'll update this post after washing it.
Now do you see why I mentioned my LOVE of cruising?

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  1. I was not sure I was going to like it but actually it is kind of cool. I don't think I would wear a shirt with that across the front, but a little something on the sleeve or over the heart would be super cute!