Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Out of the Box 'Jewelry Box'

This is my jewelry box:
Or at least it was before I brought it to my mom.
I bought it used from a friend for $50 maybe 6 years ago.
With all the hooks and drawers it offers, it was perfect for holding all my stuff in one spot. Unfortunately, because we have several dressers in our bedroom, I have had this jewelry box in my guest bedroom. It is only one door away and I do pass it to go in and out my bedroom, but it is inconvenient to go to it. Especially on work day mornings when I am rushing to get ready. It doesn’t cross my mind to go in there to get something to wear when I have my few favorites on my dresser in my bedroom.
The jewelry box has been in my guest bedroom for the entire three years I have lived in this house and I don’t go in there often enough to rationalize keeping it. It takes up valuable space in my current guest room/future nursery. (I am slowly downsizing 'the junk' in this room to make room for future baby stuff.)
For over a year now, I have been looking for the perfect narrow dresser drawer to turn into an on the wall jewelry box. I have big plans to hang it on the wall behind my bedroom door to house all my necklaces. (You can buy something very similar at the store, but it is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE!) I am still looking for this solution. However, in the meantime, I am sick of looking and I want my jewelry in my bedroom for easy access (and I wanted the big box gone).
Here's my current solution:

I took a hanger meant for holding three pairs of pants and removed the clips.
This cost me $0 since I already had the hanger. I was about to throw it away when another clip broke and I it came to me - this would be a perfect temporarily solution. I thought removing the remaining clips would be a little difficult, but they literally just snapped off. (My frugalness made me keep the clips to use in the kitchen. LOL! I am thinking I can add magnets to the back of them to store on the fridge and use as food bag closers.) After removing all the clips, I was left with the plain hanger.
Because most my necklaces are costume jewelry, I'm not worried about them being out in the open exposed to light and moisture. If my costume jewelry starts to tarnish, I just throw them out. I never pay more than $5 for a necklace anyways. It's my one rule.
I did get rid of a few of my necklaces while adding my necklaces to the hanger. I kept all of the beads and charms I liked and will eventually use them to make new necklaces. (I am such a recycler! Ha!)
As for all my other jewelry items, I cleared out a dresser drawer to store them in.
All my bracelets are fake/cheap and therefore can be stored all together in a small Tupperware container with no worries of being ruined.
My shell and magnetic bracelets and necklaces are next to those randomly in the drawer since I did not have a good fitting container to store them in. The magnetic ones are some of my favorites. I bought most of them in Mexico over 10 years ago while visiting a family friend in Texas. I bought 2 more in the Bahamas on our first cruise. They are very fashionable in my opinion and can be worn as a necklace or a bracelet. Well worth the $4 each they cost.
I used a paper holder thingy to hold all my smaller items. I plan on making my own dividers to make small slots for all my smaller items. I will basically just mimick what was in my big jewelry box. I had racked my brain and racked my brain trying to come up with the best idea to store all these small items and this was the best idea I could come up with. I think it will work out very nicely for me.
The best part about this project is it cost me nothing.
Not one cent.
All items used were items I already had around the house. I will admit, while at the store Saturday evening, I was tempted to buy something. I held strong though. Matt and I really are trying not to spend any unnecessarily money. This would have definitely fell under that category.

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  1. I have plans for this beauty!! Will update by mid's got to cool off a little before I start working on that! You will want her back!!