Monday, July 14, 2014

KFC eleven

It's Monday.... again...
I feel like Friday afternoon comes and goes before I know it and then I am waking up on Sunday morning. I am left wondering, 'Where do my Saturdays go?'.
I haven't done a weekend recap in forever so I thought I would mix it up and write one for you. Only then did I realize we didn’t really do anything worth mentioning. I watched way too many hours of TV, read my book, went to the gym on Saturday, grocery shopped (with $16 plus $3! Stayed in my 2 week budget - YAY!), cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed, did the laundry, cooked and tried a new restaurant.
The only thing worth going into detail with was eating out. We heart eating out!
KFC eleven:
Matt and I tried this restaurant for the first time for dinner on Friday night. Followed by yummy doughnuts from Krispy Kreme!
From what I read online, this is a test kitchen/test restaurant for KFC. It is the only one in the USA. It is located within Louisville in the Highlands. This place has its own parking - very convenient. The building on the outside isn't special looking. Average. When you walk in, it also looks pretty basic with a few cute decorations such as this cute guy peaking out from behind the tea machine.
Prior to going, I had looked up the menu online.
I ordered the chicken crispers and Matt had a chicken sandwich.
I didn’t try Matt's sandwich so I can only comment on mine....
The chicken crispers were not greasy at all. All white meat with a nice crispy texture as described with a peppery taste. Absolutely wonderful! If you know me at all, you know I enjoy my pepper. I could have ate more of those melt in your mouth balls of goodness if I had more. Do you see the 2 pieces of flat bread? I didn’t know what to expect. They were garlic tasting and reminded me of a very thin pizza crust. Could have ate more of those as well. I shared and gave Matt one of them. Aren't I a nice wife? (Sometimes). The fries were a disappointment. After eating 2, I decided they were tasteless and reminded me of something from a freezer bag I bought from the grocery store. I would not order those fries again.
I made a whole turkey for Sunday dinner.
No, we didn’t have a special occasion. I mostly cooked it to make room in my freezer. Plus, it makes preparing dinner very easy for the both of us all week. (Who am I kidding? Matt makes most of our dinners. I am a very lucky lady.)

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  1. While your turkey looks tasty, I have to say the metal chicken is so super cute! I love what my brother-in-law would call junk art! Maybe that's something I should try my hand at! You in?