Friday, May 9, 2014

Missed Out On Mahogany Bay

I had big plans for Mahogany Bay, Isla Roatan - I had grand plans of walking to the Carnival owned beach and snorkeling right there followed by some laying out on the sand soaking up the sun in an attempt to get a tan. It would have been free and people have reported if you go to the right spot, you can actually see some decent stuff below the water.
We could have swam, laid out, went to the ship for lunch, then walk around and check out the nearby scenery.
Ya, that didn't happen.
Due to my 'injury' in Belize, these plans were spoiled.
Completely ruined!
I was bummed about it. Very bummed if I'm being honest. I can't tell you if Matt was or not. He either really was okay with it or he is really good at acting like it was all okay and he didn’t blame me for missing this port. I probably beat myself up enough for the both of us.
That morning I had told Matt I felt much better. At least I thought I was feeling mostly better. You know, if I walked slowly and only walked on flat surfaces. I had no real issues walking to breakfast - slow and steady was my motto. I thought my 12 hours of sleep and water guzzling had paid off.
Sadly, I was WAY wrong!
But because I am stubborn sometimes, I had to learn this the hard way. Shocker, huh?
We loaded up our beach towels and snorkel gear into my book bag and headed out. I barely traveled any distance before I told Matt we had to stop and give my calves a small break. I should have just turned around then. Matt even suggested it. I refused. Remember, I am stubborn.
I wanted so badly to go to the beach and hangout there instead of in our room. My calves, on the other hand, had other plans. 
We walked a little further where I took my one and only picture off the ship.
I should have asked someone to take our picture next to it.
We continued on towards the beach about 1/3 of the way (at least this is how it appeared from our balcony on the ship) when I had to stop for a long period of time because I was in too much pain. After about 15 minutes of sitting there I was forced to admit to Matt there was no way I could travel the remaining distance to the beach. Even if I did make it to the beach, I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy swimming in the ocean. And the thought of making the return trip back to the ship was more daunting then I cared to admit.
Eventually, we did return to the ship after a slow walk with several breaks in between.
What a disappointment!
So yes, I can say I have been here, but I don’t think it really counts since we didn’t actually view anything or do anything.
Our entire day we mostly relaxed in the room watching TV and sitting out on our balcony. We did get out later in the evening and do some fun activities on the ship - I'll blog about all that later.
Not nearly as much fun as we could of potentially had. :(
I did take a few pictures from our balcony:
See the beach we would have walked to on the far right? We would have came in from the left - the first picture shows this best. Glad we were on the side of the ship facing the land!

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