Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hello Carnival Legend

Such a beautiful ship she was!
The Carnival Legend did not disappoint. She just had her 2.0 updates which definitely seemed to enhance her.
Sunday - April 27, we boarded a plane for Tampa, FL. We decided to select a ship out of this port since the flights were cheaper. Right now we are still using airline points from our credit card and we are not interested in wasting them. They are very valuable since they save us a bunch of money by making travel almost free. (We paid $10 in taxes or something and another $50 for priority boarding.)
Let me tell you - we have now tried 4 different ports and this has been the fastest one!
I think we were at the port (via taxi $25 plus tip) by 11:50 AM (tip to bag boy) and on the ship by noon after being checked in by a very friendly man.
We went straight to the Lido deck for our first meal. Pirate pizza for me and the regular buffet for Matt. The food was all very delicious! We might of had our first ice cream cone at this point.
After lunch, we explored our home away from home. I enjoy looking in each and every nook and cranny before everywhere gets crowded. This is the perfect time to take pictures around the ship.
Shortly later, maybe around 1PM, our room was ready.

We booked an interior room and then within a week before our cruise, we got a phone call from the upgrade fairy aka Carnival Cruise Line. They offered us an upgrade to a balcony room for $110 more dollars.
We said yes!!!
I had done the math and this was almost a $300 savings over booking the balcony room from the beginning.
We were both very excited about the room change. And the room did not disappoint! We both enjoyed having the balcony. It allowed us more time to hangout in the room. It was nice relaxing on the balcony opposed to hanging out on one of the decks.
Because we are thrifty, I am not sure we will ever book a balcony room to begin with. I can only hope Carnival will always calls us to upgrade at a discounted rate. This is likely since we do enjoy cruising in the off season where there is a chance the ships won't be fully booked.
Moving back to the ship; here are a few pictures I took when we first arrived:
 One of the 3 pools and hot tubs area
 One of the hallways
 Main dinning room
Our ship left Tampa around 4PM.
I had read online that it was worthwhile to watch the ship go under the Sunshine Bridge. I told Matt I did not want to miss seeing our ship barely clear the bridge.
Sounded like a sight I must see!
I had read online that this would occur around 6PM. I would say by 5:45PM we were outside on the top deck waiting along with several other groups of people. 
Here's the bridge in all her glory:
 The front of the ship going under the bridge -
 The back of the ship going under the bridge -
Just barely!
It was fun to watch - definitely a sight to see!
Our first full day of vacation was a sea day. These are relaxing days which allow you to do whatever you want on the boat.
We choose to continue exploring the boat, play Skip-bo and eat until we were stuffed! I know we did other things as well, but I just can't remember everything from over a week ago.
This was also our first formal night.
I wore a dress  (first time since my wedding almost 2 years ago) for a lobster dinner in the main dining room.
We also took a few picture around the ship...
I had bought this dress for our honeymoon cruise but never got the opportunity to wear it. It was our first cruise and we didn’t know they had a formal night. Because we didn’t know this, Matt didn’t have any long pants and you aren't suppose to wear shorts to the dining room on formal night. At the time, we didn’t think we could enter the dining room without the proper attire. We now know, you might get some glances, but they will not turn you away if you aren't 100% dressed correctly.
We saw a Motown musical show and a VIP musical show by our theater crew. They were both very good shows. One of the wonderful things about this ship opposed to our previous ships was the amount of shows. I believe we saw 5 different ones in all. Whereas on our previous ships, they only offered 2 maybe 3 shows by the ship dancers.
The shows are ALWAYS one of the highlights for me.
At one point over the first 2 days, we got a towel animal we had never received before.
Not exactly sure what animal he is, but he is cute.
I had Matt take a bunch of pictures of me with him.