Sunday, May 11, 2014

FUNtastic Cruise

Our last day of cruising was a day at sea.
I have noticed on our previous (and this one) last cruise days, I always want to soak up as much fun as I can. I also have a bad habit of thinking - 'this is my last lunch', 'this is my last walk through the shops', 'this is my last towel animal', 'my last time in the pool', 'my last dinner', 'my last show', 'this is my last ice cream cone'..... and on and on and on.
I can't help it.
Maybe this makes my last full day of vacation a little sadder.
Or maybe it makes me appreciate all the 'lasts' a bit more.
Do you do this on your last day of vacation?
Just me?
Because I don't remember exactly what we did on each individual day, I have decided to lump some of the things we did throughout the entire time we were on our cruise ship.
In addition to watching the two musicals I told you about a few days ago, we also watched a British musical show and another musical show called Epic Rock.
Epic Rock was awesome!
My favorite! In fact, we watched it twice! Two days in a row!
On all our previous cruises, each musical show showed twice in one evening. This seemed like a great idea until this cruise. The Carnival Legend offered each show twice, but they offered an early showing of the show one night and then the next night they offered the same show at a later showing time. This is a much better schedule for me the guest. The night I was too tired to do anything but sleep, I would have missed the show if that was the only night it was offered. Since it was offered on two separate nights, we didn't miss any of the musical shows.
In between exploring different islands and watching musical shows, we also played mini golf, hung out in the pool and hot tub, played cards, laid out in the sun, shopped the stores, took a bunch of pictures of ourselves (mostly me)...
My souvenirs from the ship are two t-shirts ($20) and a porthole picture frame ($20). Two cruises ago I had seen the porthole picture frame and didn't buy it. I regretted that decision. Our third cruise didn't offer the picture frame. This cruise did - for one day.
Our first evening on the ship we were by the pictures and saw the frames. They had 4. I was going to think about purchasing it, but Matt sometimes knows what I want better then I do and he told me I needed to buy it because he didn't want me to complain for another year if I didn't get it. So I did - after inspecting them all for the best. Because I AM that person! The next day when we walked by the pictures, they had the display closed and locked indicating there were no porthole picture frames available. Everyday we walked by the display we saw the same thing. Thank goodness Matt made me buy it the first night! He's right, I would have been sad if I hadn't gotten it.
As for my 2 new shirts, I have a pink one which I eyeballed from the first night and a black Tampa one that is decent.
I really wanted this shirt but they only had 2XL from the first night:
I ended up purchasing a light blue one only to have to exchange it because it was too big. By the time we exchanged it, they only had the Tampa one in my size. (If you buy 1 shirt, it is $17 or you can buy 2 for $20. Might as well always get 2.)
My friend is going on a cruise in October and maybe she will be more successful at finding the 'Keep Calm and Cruise On' shirt for me. :)
We bought one picture from Carnival for $15. Talk about expensive! If they ever lower the prices, maybe we would buy more of them. Just saying. Carnival, take note if you are reading.
Currently, they print every picture and you can either buy them or place them in a bin to be destroyed. Talk about a waste! They spend so much money on developing the pictures that they have to charge too much for you to buy them. I think they should do like Disney World (and many other places I'm sure) and scan your room key before taking any pictures. This would enable you to view your pictures in your room and purchase from there. Thus saving money on photo printing. They could even have a giant VOID across the picture on the TV which would eliminate people taking pictures of there pictures. And this would eliminate theft of the physical pictures as well.
Win/win for Carnival in my opinion.
Overall opinions of the Carnival Legend:
I am absolutely in love with the new 2.0 updates. Great job Carnival!
  • The layout of this particular ship was a bit choppy looking when we first went exploring. But after the first day, Matt and I both decided this was a good thing because no one area ever seemed too crowded. The Serenity deck is for guests 21 and older... a very relaxing oasis. Not only do they have plusher lounge chairs, they also offer hammocks and big circular chairs with a roof-like hangover. Matt and I both enjoyed laying in the hammocks.
  • Our room had a nice cleaning staff. We didn't talk to them as much as previous cleaning crews, but these people did always say 'hi' and 'good morning' when we saw them. The turn down service was always done quickly and nicely. I only have one small complaint about the cleaning staff... they must not have wiped down the hard surfaces inside the room. I could see finger prints on both sides of the doors around the door knobs and prints on the bathroom walls. I am a bit of a germaphobe when it comes to certain things and I felt this was a bit gross. I noticed it on the first day so I know it wasn't from us. I need to pack some Lysol wipes next time.
  • We had wonderful food staff throughout the cruise. In the Lido deck, the busboys who clear the tables were quick and efficient. Our favorite food staff people were in the Pirate Pizza and the Carnival Deli - I ate pizza most days for lunch and Matt ate at the deli. In the main dining room, we had decent wait staff in the beginning. Nothing worth writing home about. But the last two dinners, we sat in a different section with a wonderful wait staff. They were marvelous!
  • Boarding and departing the ship at the beginning and end of the cruise was very quick.
  • We enjoyed each island we explored.
  • Enjoyed wonderful sunrises and sunsets while sitting out on our balcony.