Tuesday, March 25, 2014

He's A Wonderful Trainer

In my last blog post I mentioned Wyatt (my 16 year old dog), is preparing me for motherhood.

I just thought I would give you a few more examples of how he is doing this:
* He is a picky eater. When he find something he likes (rotisserie chicken), he decides he no longer likes it a few days later and refuses to eat it. We then have to scramble around and try to get him to like something else (pot roast or carving board chicken). 
* When feeding him, and he is being extra picky, I have to sit on the floor with him and hand feed him pieces. If it falls on the ground, he won't eat it. (I don't know why.) I have to pick it up discreetly and re-offer it to him.
* If he won't eat anything offered to him, I have to melt cheese on top of it.
* When feeding myself, I am forced to share with him because he is a GIANT PAIN IN THE ASS and acts annoying/pitiful until I share. Even if he doesn't like the food I offer him, he'll ignore it on the ground in front of him and still beg for more.
 * He wakes me up almost every single night to go potty at least once, sometimes twice. (We've had two good nights of him not waking me... I hope this lasts awhile longer.)
* While outside to go potty, with the exception of peeing, I have to holler (he's going deaf) to get him to go in the grass to do his business. He prefers to just stare at me like I am a moron. 

* I have to adjust his blankets every morning because he moves them around looking for a comfortable spot. And not just around in one spot, he pushes them across the room!
* I have to change his blankets every few days because he wets the bed which means additional laundry for me.
* I can't go to the bathroom without him. I think he thinks there is a secret exit door in there.
* Can't leave him alone on the floor in the living room either.... he begs to sit on the couch even though he has a large comfy dog bed in the room.
Don't you think he is preparing me for children? Hopefully all his 'hard work' is put to use in the very near future! :)

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