Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Feeling Great!

This past weekend we didn’t do anything special, but for some reason, I had an amazing weekend. To the point of making me want to blog about what we did.
It was stress free and I came back to work on Monday feeling extremely relaxed.
Friday evening, on my way home, I picked up Jimmy John's. Matt placed the order online and when I got there 5 minutes later, the food was ready along with Matt's soda. I thought they would have me get the soda. I was impressed and it made going there very simple. I am definitely willing to do take-out from there again. I came home, we ate, we watched TV, I took a bath and read. A great evening.
Saturday was BEAUTIFUL! The weather was much warmer than it had been since fall. And most of our snow finally melted. That fact alone put me in a great mood. GREAT mood!
We picked up our dozen pre-ordered dozen doughnuts from Nord's Bakery:

The bacon and maple syrup doughnut was good. I am glad I tried it.
Is it my favorite doughnut? No. I am still a Bolivarian cream kinda girl. At least now I can say I have tried the famous bacon and maple syrup doughnut and I do recommend you give it a try. I think it would have been better if the maple syrup frosting hadn't been so thick. For me, it was a bit too sweet.
Side note - when we arrived a little after 9AM, we were lucky to get there right when someone was pulling out. I waited in the car while Matt went in to get them. The line was about 5 people deep and continued to grow longer while Matt was in there. People were dropping people off and I assume were looping back to get them. One guy walked out with 4 dozen! I'm telling you, they are good! It is worth the trip if you are in the area.
After getting our doughnuts, we decided to check out the nearby Aldi's which we had never been to. You know, after eating 2 doughnuts each in the parking lot. It did not disappoint! This Aldi's, on Preston, is clean and about twice the size of the one I am used to shopping. We plan on going here every weekend for now on. We bought a bunch of fruit and vegetables for $20. I should have taken a picture. Much cheaper then Kroger or Meijer on all the items we purchased.
We went to the mall to look for new sunglasses for Matt, Trader Joes and Target.
Followed by Chick Fila. My favorite! 
Once home, we re-organized and cleaned the garage. I felt so accomplished! LOL!
We actually got rid of a few things we no longer need that were just taking up precious space. We filled up our entire trash can with everything we no longer needed! We placed our rain barrel outside to collect some rain. Later, we will actually set it up properly. Matt also put together our firepot. I still need to paint it with high heat paint, but at least it is put together. Next warm weekend we get, I will get it painted so we can cook some s 'mores on it.
For dinner, I grilled pork ribs and asparagus while Matt did our grocery shopping. It was extremely nice to not have to go. And the food was delicious. It was my first time grilling both items. Matt even thought they came out perfect. Sweet success!

Sunday, we went to the gym right when they opened and then the zoo. Several animals were not in there exhibit due to the colder weather. I kind of expected this. I just thought it would be nice to walk around and breath in the fresh air while spending time together. I didn’t even bring my camera! I did take two pictures with my phone:

Aren't they cute?
I love the orangutan with the flat face. I just wanna cuddle him in my arms.
After the zoo, we ran into Sam's to get a rotisserie chicken for Wyatt - and they didn’t have any.
My sixteen and a half years old dog now only eats rotisserie chicken, macaroni and cheese and sometimes peas. He then begs for any food we are eating and only decides to like half of what we give him. He has gotten very picky in his old age. At this point, we allow him to eat whatever he wants in order to get him to eat anything. For treats, he prefers cheese crackers. Won't eat any of the pricy dog treats I have bought him. I think he is doing this to prepare Matt and I for parenthood one day. Odds are we will have a picky human baby. Ha ha ha! Only makes sense if it is a child of mine! Although, maybe not - I have a feeling Matt was willing to try all sorts of foods as a child since he loves trying new food now.
Over the weekend, we also made two different kinds of soups and I crock potted beef stroganoff. Meaning we are good on work lunch and meals for a few days this week. I hope to do the same thing next weekend.
I have felt very positive and motive to do stuff since Friday afternoon. Here it is Tuesday evening and I am still feeling the same way. I hope my outlook on life in general stays this way. I am loving how I have been feeling and would love this feeling to last.
I feel better than I have in a long time. Not saying anything negative because I had no issues before. I just feel even better. Maybe exercising and dieting really does work. I'm betting they do. I am down 8 pounds since Christmas. Not a ton, but better than none. As of Sunday, I have stepped it up. I have been eating good the last three days and have been to the gym the last two and I am going this evening. No, I don’t plan on going every day, but I am trying to go at least four times a week. I can do this!
We are both highly motivated. I have a feeling in 6 months, Matt and I will both look and feel amazing!
Keep us in your prayers that we stay on the right path and are successful. It is what I continue to pray for the both of us. :)

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