Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Color Vibe 5K

This past weekend my mom and I (and her friend) participated in the Color Vibe.
This is exactly like the more well known Color Run, but has a different name. The proceeds go to whatever charity is represented. I like the charity ours supported, but this is not the reason I chose to participate. I mostly did it for my mom who wanted us to do this together for her birthday. And yes, she did have a nice time.
Happy belated Birthday!
The Color Vibe...
It. Was. Awesome.
Completely awesome!
The run/walk started at 9AM, but we got there early to people watch and make sure we were near the front for starting since we were walking and didn’t want to finish last. We didn’t need to worry. We were almost back to the finish and people were still coming through. Matt told me they did six different waves of people. He knows this, because all of our husbands were here to cheer us on and Matt took a bunch of pictures for us. Lucky me. :)
Prior to the run, I picked up our packs. Our admission price included our shirts, our numbers, sun glasses and one color pack each. You could pick any color you wanted - I chose purple for me and blue for my mom. You could have bought additional color packs and other merchandise, but I declined.
On the morning of the run, it was a bit chilly so although I wor shorts, I decided to wear a long sleeved shirt underneath my Color Vibe shirt. Smart on my part, I know.
We got in line about 30 minutes early which put us almost to the very front. Right before we were off, a guy walked around with a blower blowing out color. Don't worry, the sun glasses blocked the color from your eyes and as long as you kept your mouth closed, you were a-okay. In the run, you went through different color stations. I heard these were set at specific mile points, but I am unsure if that is true.
The walk was fun, but my favorite part was going through these stations where they would squirt and throw color at you. I did notice they never aimed for your face - they must have been warned. Some people wanted additional color and they must have figured the best way to do this was by rolling on the ground. I was shocked to even see adults doing this - not just children. I do not have a picture of this due to the fact I only ever noticed it when I was at the color station and my phone was safely tucked away within a Ziploc baggie inside my pocket. I was not chancing my phone getting ruined.
After the run, they had color spray parties. Thank Matt for these wonderful pictures:


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