Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sick of Being Sick

This is my unofficial new slogan. At least for this month. Next month I will have to pick something a bit more cleaver.
Are you wondering why?
Let's see....
Tuesday - started not feeling well. Just thought my allergies were taking over even though the ground was frozen.
Wednesday - popped an allergy pill. Didn’t really help me.
Thursday - really started feeling bad. Went straight to bed after work.
Friday - called out of work and slept all day.
Saturday - slept and watched a little TV.
Sunday - more sleeping and TV watching.
Monday - same as the day before. Good thing I had off for the holiday.
Tuesday - went to work and felt like sh*t. Literally went home and slept through the next morning. Matt claims he woke me twice, but I do not recall either time. Actually, he says he woke my once and the second time, he came in the room to let Wyatt out and I waved.
Wednesday (today) - feeling much better. Wish this cough would go away and my nose would stop running.
Do you now see why my new slogan is Sick of Being Sick?
I am worn out and haven’t taken any pictures nor have I even done anything worth taking pictures of so I figure I will bullet point my last week. Sounds like a good plan to me. Don’t expect much.
*Matt decided to order Netflix since we didn’t go to TN. Not going to TN meant we didn’t see my brother to get seasons 4 and 5 of Breaking Bad. Good thing Netflix has these. We are hooked! Too bad we are almost done with the series.
*Speaking of Netflix, I found The Little Couple on there. I have only been watching the show for about a year and right now my DVR has been recording all the old episodes. TLC only seems to play the reruns 3 days a week whereas Netflix allowed me to watch like 7 episodes on Monday while I was feeling sorry for myself. New season starts on March 4! They are such a sweet couple!
*We joined a 'biggest loser' in our community. We paid $10 per person, got weighed and measured and was given a folder with a small menu plan and contact information for coaches we could email. After 8 weeks, you are weighed and measured again. Winners win actual money! Talk about a wonderful motivator!
*Friday was Valentine's Day. I was sick. I slept the majority of the day. Enough said.
*Matt and I had already decided not to really celebrate valentine's Day except for dinner and a card. I wanted to get him a small something so I decided to buy him his favorite soda. Diet Dr Pepper for those of you who don’t know. We rarely buy soda - we have a Soda Stream. I looked in our break room at work, no Diet Dr Pepper. I decided to run into Kroger, you know, after complaining to my co-worker I wasn't feeling well. She suggested I just buy one out of the soda machine outside the store. Good idea.
At the coke machine outside, they cost $1.40 (remember this price). I thought, 'For a $1.40, I might as well buy a 12-pack'. I go in the store, see the 12-packs and take one to the cash register. The sign read 3 for $10. I scan my Kroger card (at self checkout), scan my soda, and it rang up $4.99! So I did what every thrifty lady at the self checkout line does - I voided my order and went back to the soda aisle. The register was right - $4.99 (remember this price as well) for one 12-pack OR 3 for $10. Well that's new to me! I cannot remember EVER shopping at Kroger and having to buy a certain amount of items to get the sale price and I don’t like it! This will make me start shopping more at Meijer. But that's not part of my story...
I put the 12-pack down because I'm not about to pay $5 for 12 sodas. I walk to the checkout line to get one 20 ounce bottled soda and the price is $1.69 (one more to remember). 'I might as well buy the one outside and save my 19 cents!' I go back to the bottled soda machine outside the store, try to put my only 2 $1 bills into the machine. The machine won't take them. I'll outsmart the machine and put my 2 $1 bills into another machine and get back quarters. Done. I then put 6 of my 8 quarters into the bottled soda machine and pressed the button. I get back a dime. I wait. I wait. And I wait some more. Still no soda. I press the button again. I press a different soda button. Still no soda. I have $0.60 left. What should I do? I go to the canned soda machine and see they cost $0.60 cents. I buy a soda can. One more time I check the soda bottle machine and still no soda. One more time I press all the buttons. Still no soda bottle.
All because I was trying to save a little money - it cost me $2 for a can of soda.
I could have bought a bottled soda for $1.69 in the store or I could have spent $3 more and got 12 cans.
$2 for a can of soda - after 20 minutes and I'm really sick. Wow!
I don’t even know what else to say with my bullets points. I'm all worked up about that damn soda now.
Thankfully, Matt did enjoy his Diet Dr Pepper.
Moral of last bullet point; I will NOT be buying another soda from the outside soda machines.

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