Monday, February 24, 2014

Nord's Bakery Doughnuts

'Yummy in my Tummy!'
Why is that a saying?
Shouldn't it be 'Yummy in my Mouth' or 'Yummy on my Tongue'?
I don’t taste with my tummy?
This is just one of the millions of thoughts that bounce around in my head and should probably be kept to myself. And yes, I say 'Yummy in my Tummy' all the time. I guess I was just bored at work and it made me start thinking about what it actually meant.

This popped into my head when I was thinking about the scrumptious doughnuts we had over the weekend. Absolutely wonderful! Even Matt, who LOVES Krispy Kreme, thought these were the best doughnuts!
We went to Nord's bakery. FINALLY! I had seen it online, like, a year or more ago. We tried going here back in the fall, but they were already closed. I am very happy we finally made it here. I loved the doughnuts, enjoyed the atmosphere, and I enjoyed the company (Matt) and the people we met.
When we got here, we were greeted by two young employees and they asked if we had ever been here before. We commented we had not, but we had heard of it and had been trying to get here for months. She told us that was awesome. She wanted to know what kind of doughnuts we liked and then listed several kinds. I said, 'all of the above'. She bagged up three different doughnuts and handed them over. I tried to pay and she said these were on the house. How sweet! So Matt and I went to the cute seating area and tried these three doughnuts:

The yellow one, not exactly sure what it is... not custard... was my favorite. Seriously, very yummy. I want one right now just thinking about it while I am typing away at my computer.
Look how cute this place is:

This is what we saw from where we sat. The counter is to the right. I like the old charm of the place. I should have taken a picture of our table and chairs.
This is the back wall.

I like seeing the exposed brick. See how messily it was done? Adds extra character.
And the yellow duck on the bottom left is adorable.
After eating the three doughnuts, we went back to the counter to buy two doughnuts to go. We didn’t want to eat the free doughnuts without buying something. We wanted them to know we enjoyed everything about the food. And the place.
I got another yellow one and Matt tried a toasted coconut one. While waiting in line, I took these two pictures:
 Giant whisks. :)

We also chatted with another customer who was telling us how good the cakes are here. She said we needed to order one. (She was picking one up.) I am sure we will have to try one in the hopefully very near future. Matt DOES have a birthday coming up soon.
Once it was our turn to order, we told the young lady how much we enjoyed the doughnuts she picked out for us. I told her I wanted to try the ones I had read about online - bacon and maple glazed. Evidently, they sell out of these very quickly every morning. Even the lady we were chatting to in line said they were the best and we needed to try them soon. She said you had to get here early and expect to wait in a line that went out the door. WOW! It's not every day I eat somewhere with a reputation like this place.
But guess what? The young lady who was helping us said we could put in an order to pick up. Yay! Meaning, two weekends from now, we will get to try the 'famous' bacon and maple glazed doughnuts. I can hardly wait!

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