Tuesday, February 4, 2014

DIY Starched String Easter Eggs

Easter isn't for another 76 days.
This year, it falls on April 20th.
Are you wondering why I am telling you this information?
Let me back tract to a few weeks ago....
I was on Pinterest and came across a pin for Easter eggs made from string. I clicked on the picture and it took me to a picture. I hate when there is no actual link to the picture! How am I suppose to copy the idea if there is no link? Because of this, I didn’t pin the item (or maybe I did?) and I promptly forgot all about it. Saturday, while looking on YouTube at something I was wanting to make, the bottom of the page showed videos you might like based on what you are currently watching and wouldn't you know, they were showing how to make those Easter eggs. See where I am going with this? Of course I had to watch it. And then I watched three more videos of the same exact project to make sure it was easy enough for me to do.
I added it to my list of things to make on my phone and then went about my day. Doesn't everyone have one of these lists?
Well, while at Kroger on Sunday for the second time over the weekend I saw the exact stuff I needed on clearance for $1.79. Meant to be, right? It was the exact brand from all three videos I watched! I bought it and figured I might as well make it today. So I did. While Matt watched the Superbowl, I crafted.
Supplies (I used):
Tin foil
Step 1: Blow up your balloons to desired sizes. It is best to have them long shaped to appear like eggs. Out of the 9 I blew up, I only used 7 of them since the other two were round shaped. Matt enjoyed popping the rejects. Hopefully you have someone who is willing to do this if you are like me and afraid of the sound. I don’t even like 'popping' the biscuit container.
Step 2:
Pour your starch in a bowl.
Step 3:
You can do these in any order, but this is how I did it.
Tie string around end of balloon and hang upside down on your string which is raised above the surface you are working on.
I chose to do my balloons one at a time.
Step 4:
Using one strand of string at a time, unwrap into your bowl of starch making sure to keep track of the end. Ensure your string is fully soaked before moving onto the next step.  
Step 5:
Starting with one end of your string, cover your balloon. Go in any direction.
Please overlook my ghetto-fied pictures to get the gist of this craft.
Step 6:
Repeat steps 4 and 5 with as much or as little string as you want to use. I used 3 strands on most of my balloons and 4 strands on a few of the other balloons. The more strands of string you use, the more full your eggs will look when dried.
I used one extra bowl to sit under the balloon I had just finished to catch some of the excess starch that dripped off to stop some of the mess from being all over my table. I suppose you could re-use what you catch, but I didn’t bother with it.
Step 7:
I was under the assumption these would dry quickly. They did not. I allowed them to sit almost a full 24 hours before allowing Matt to pop the balloons so I could remove them through a hole in the string.
My overall opinion of this craft is I enjoyed it to a certain extent. Do I think it was kid friendly? Not really. I would be too concerned about the mess. The small mess I alone was making was driving me nuts. The starch was messy and kept making my hands feel tight. Not a nice feeling. I washed my hands in between each balloon to keep myself from getting mad at it.
The final product wasn't as tight as I thought it would be. The string is holding its shape, but is a bit flimsy.
All in all, I am glad I made them. They will look cute either on my bookshelf or in my china cabinet.


  1. These are really cute! They look nice and large. You could do a spray glue to make them feel tighter (I have some you could use) or maybe some mod podge? I like them honey!

    1. Thanks! I am very happy with the size and look of them!