Monday, February 24, 2014

Nord's Bakery Doughnuts

'Yummy in my Tummy!'
Why is that a saying?
Shouldn't it be 'Yummy in my Mouth' or 'Yummy on my Tongue'?
I don’t taste with my tummy?
This is just one of the millions of thoughts that bounce around in my head and should probably be kept to myself. And yes, I say 'Yummy in my Tummy' all the time. I guess I was just bored at work and it made me start thinking about what it actually meant.

This popped into my head when I was thinking about the scrumptious doughnuts we had over the weekend. Absolutely wonderful! Even Matt, who LOVES Krispy Kreme, thought these were the best doughnuts!
We went to Nord's bakery. FINALLY! I had seen it online, like, a year or more ago. We tried going here back in the fall, but they were already closed. I am very happy we finally made it here. I loved the doughnuts, enjoyed the atmosphere, and I enjoyed the company (Matt) and the people we met.
When we got here, we were greeted by two young employees and they asked if we had ever been here before. We commented we had not, but we had heard of it and had been trying to get here for months. She told us that was awesome. She wanted to know what kind of doughnuts we liked and then listed several kinds. I said, 'all of the above'. She bagged up three different doughnuts and handed them over. I tried to pay and she said these were on the house. How sweet! So Matt and I went to the cute seating area and tried these three doughnuts:

The yellow one, not exactly sure what it is... not custard... was my favorite. Seriously, very yummy. I want one right now just thinking about it while I am typing away at my computer.
Look how cute this place is:

This is what we saw from where we sat. The counter is to the right. I like the old charm of the place. I should have taken a picture of our table and chairs.
This is the back wall.

I like seeing the exposed brick. See how messily it was done? Adds extra character.
And the yellow duck on the bottom left is adorable.
After eating the three doughnuts, we went back to the counter to buy two doughnuts to go. We didn’t want to eat the free doughnuts without buying something. We wanted them to know we enjoyed everything about the food. And the place.
I got another yellow one and Matt tried a toasted coconut one. While waiting in line, I took these two pictures:
 Giant whisks. :)

We also chatted with another customer who was telling us how good the cakes are here. She said we needed to order one. (She was picking one up.) I am sure we will have to try one in the hopefully very near future. Matt DOES have a birthday coming up soon.
Once it was our turn to order, we told the young lady how much we enjoyed the doughnuts she picked out for us. I told her I wanted to try the ones I had read about online - bacon and maple glazed. Evidently, they sell out of these very quickly every morning. Even the lady we were chatting to in line said they were the best and we needed to try them soon. She said you had to get here early and expect to wait in a line that went out the door. WOW! It's not every day I eat somewhere with a reputation like this place.
But guess what? The young lady who was helping us said we could put in an order to pick up. Yay! Meaning, two weekends from now, we will get to try the 'famous' bacon and maple glazed doughnuts. I can hardly wait!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sick of Being Sick

This is my unofficial new slogan. At least for this month. Next month I will have to pick something a bit more cleaver.
Are you wondering why?
Let's see....
Tuesday - started not feeling well. Just thought my allergies were taking over even though the ground was frozen.
Wednesday - popped an allergy pill. Didn’t really help me.
Thursday - really started feeling bad. Went straight to bed after work.
Friday - called out of work and slept all day.
Saturday - slept and watched a little TV.
Sunday - more sleeping and TV watching.
Monday - same as the day before. Good thing I had off for the holiday.
Tuesday - went to work and felt like sh*t. Literally went home and slept through the next morning. Matt claims he woke me twice, but I do not recall either time. Actually, he says he woke my once and the second time, he came in the room to let Wyatt out and I waved.
Wednesday (today) - feeling much better. Wish this cough would go away and my nose would stop running.
Do you now see why my new slogan is Sick of Being Sick?
I am worn out and haven’t taken any pictures nor have I even done anything worth taking pictures of so I figure I will bullet point my last week. Sounds like a good plan to me. Don’t expect much.
*Matt decided to order Netflix since we didn’t go to TN. Not going to TN meant we didn’t see my brother to get seasons 4 and 5 of Breaking Bad. Good thing Netflix has these. We are hooked! Too bad we are almost done with the series.
*Speaking of Netflix, I found The Little Couple on there. I have only been watching the show for about a year and right now my DVR has been recording all the old episodes. TLC only seems to play the reruns 3 days a week whereas Netflix allowed me to watch like 7 episodes on Monday while I was feeling sorry for myself. New season starts on March 4! They are such a sweet couple!
*We joined a 'biggest loser' in our community. We paid $10 per person, got weighed and measured and was given a folder with a small menu plan and contact information for coaches we could email. After 8 weeks, you are weighed and measured again. Winners win actual money! Talk about a wonderful motivator!
*Friday was Valentine's Day. I was sick. I slept the majority of the day. Enough said.
*Matt and I had already decided not to really celebrate valentine's Day except for dinner and a card. I wanted to get him a small something so I decided to buy him his favorite soda. Diet Dr Pepper for those of you who don’t know. We rarely buy soda - we have a Soda Stream. I looked in our break room at work, no Diet Dr Pepper. I decided to run into Kroger, you know, after complaining to my co-worker I wasn't feeling well. She suggested I just buy one out of the soda machine outside the store. Good idea.
At the coke machine outside, they cost $1.40 (remember this price). I thought, 'For a $1.40, I might as well buy a 12-pack'. I go in the store, see the 12-packs and take one to the cash register. The sign read 3 for $10. I scan my Kroger card (at self checkout), scan my soda, and it rang up $4.99! So I did what every thrifty lady at the self checkout line does - I voided my order and went back to the soda aisle. The register was right - $4.99 (remember this price as well) for one 12-pack OR 3 for $10. Well that's new to me! I cannot remember EVER shopping at Kroger and having to buy a certain amount of items to get the sale price and I don’t like it! This will make me start shopping more at Meijer. But that's not part of my story...
I put the 12-pack down because I'm not about to pay $5 for 12 sodas. I walk to the checkout line to get one 20 ounce bottled soda and the price is $1.69 (one more to remember). 'I might as well buy the one outside and save my 19 cents!' I go back to the bottled soda machine outside the store, try to put my only 2 $1 bills into the machine. The machine won't take them. I'll outsmart the machine and put my 2 $1 bills into another machine and get back quarters. Done. I then put 6 of my 8 quarters into the bottled soda machine and pressed the button. I get back a dime. I wait. I wait. And I wait some more. Still no soda. I press the button again. I press a different soda button. Still no soda. I have $0.60 left. What should I do? I go to the canned soda machine and see they cost $0.60 cents. I buy a soda can. One more time I check the soda bottle machine and still no soda. One more time I press all the buttons. Still no soda bottle.
All because I was trying to save a little money - it cost me $2 for a can of soda.
I could have bought a bottled soda for $1.69 in the store or I could have spent $3 more and got 12 cans.
$2 for a can of soda - after 20 minutes and I'm really sick. Wow!
I don’t even know what else to say with my bullets points. I'm all worked up about that damn soda now.
Thankfully, Matt did enjoy his Diet Dr Pepper.
Moral of last bullet point; I will NOT be buying another soda from the outside soda machines.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Winter (Anything But) Wonderland

I feel like I need to make some sort of update on this wonderful blog of mine because
a.) I took some pictures of all our snow/ice and
b.) I want you to know I am still here.
So without further ado(?), check these out:
Disclosure: All pictures were taken with my phone from a moving vehicle except the last one. I was NOT (I repeat, I was NOT) driving while these pictures were taken.
Pretty to look at - yes.
Fun to feel the cold - no.
Fun to walk through -no.
This is what is STILL on the ground from Super Bowl Sunday.
They predicted 8-12 inches before we went to sleep (previously predicted 4-8) and we woke to 5 inches. Yay! I have never been so happy for 5 inches of snow. I even got to go into work a little late without using my own vacation time. What a shock!
The snow has all been removed from the roads.... our driveway is a solid sheet of ice with snow on top of it. Ditto for our back porch. I cannot wait till it is all gone!
Up until last Thursday (we ventureed out to the gym), we didn't really leave the house except for work. Which meant we had a lot of time to binge watch Breaking Bad every evening. We have already finished seasons 1-3. I sure hope I see my brother soon so we can borrow seasons 4 and 5.
Wyatt's sweet paw prints:

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

DIY Starched String Easter Eggs

Easter isn't for another 76 days.
This year, it falls on April 20th.
Are you wondering why I am telling you this information?
Let me back tract to a few weeks ago....
I was on Pinterest and came across a pin for Easter eggs made from string. I clicked on the picture and it took me to a picture. I hate when there is no actual link to the picture! How am I suppose to copy the idea if there is no link? Because of this, I didn’t pin the item (or maybe I did?) and I promptly forgot all about it. Saturday, while looking on YouTube at something I was wanting to make, the bottom of the page showed videos you might like based on what you are currently watching and wouldn't you know, they were showing how to make those Easter eggs. See where I am going with this? Of course I had to watch it. And then I watched three more videos of the same exact project to make sure it was easy enough for me to do.
I added it to my list of things to make on my phone and then went about my day. Doesn't everyone have one of these lists?
Well, while at Kroger on Sunday for the second time over the weekend I saw the exact stuff I needed on clearance for $1.79. Meant to be, right? It was the exact brand from all three videos I watched! I bought it and figured I might as well make it today. So I did. While Matt watched the Superbowl, I crafted.
Supplies (I used):
Tin foil
Step 1: Blow up your balloons to desired sizes. It is best to have them long shaped to appear like eggs. Out of the 9 I blew up, I only used 7 of them since the other two were round shaped. Matt enjoyed popping the rejects. Hopefully you have someone who is willing to do this if you are like me and afraid of the sound. I don’t even like 'popping' the biscuit container.
Step 2:
Pour your starch in a bowl.
Step 3:
You can do these in any order, but this is how I did it.
Tie string around end of balloon and hang upside down on your string which is raised above the surface you are working on.
I chose to do my balloons one at a time.
Step 4:
Using one strand of string at a time, unwrap into your bowl of starch making sure to keep track of the end. Ensure your string is fully soaked before moving onto the next step.  
Step 5:
Starting with one end of your string, cover your balloon. Go in any direction.
Please overlook my ghetto-fied pictures to get the gist of this craft.
Step 6:
Repeat steps 4 and 5 with as much or as little string as you want to use. I used 3 strands on most of my balloons and 4 strands on a few of the other balloons. The more strands of string you use, the more full your eggs will look when dried.
I used one extra bowl to sit under the balloon I had just finished to catch some of the excess starch that dripped off to stop some of the mess from being all over my table. I suppose you could re-use what you catch, but I didn’t bother with it.
Step 7:
I was under the assumption these would dry quickly. They did not. I allowed them to sit almost a full 24 hours before allowing Matt to pop the balloons so I could remove them through a hole in the string.
My overall opinion of this craft is I enjoyed it to a certain extent. Do I think it was kid friendly? Not really. I would be too concerned about the mess. The small mess I alone was making was driving me nuts. The starch was messy and kept making my hands feel tight. Not a nice feeling. I washed my hands in between each balloon to keep myself from getting mad at it.
The final product wasn't as tight as I thought it would be. The string is holding its shape, but is a bit flimsy.
All in all, I am glad I made them. They will look cute either on my bookshelf or in my china cabinet.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Happy Monday! / Happy February!

Check out all the snow we woke up to this morning:
About 5 inches in most areas I measured!
Yes, I took a tape measure outside with me this morning to know exactly how much snow fell in our area. My sweet husband had already shoveled the back porch and a path to my car so I was sure to measure areas that were not affected by pushed snow.
Yesterday was CRAZY!
When I first looked online a few days ago, the local news was saying we were going to get 2-3 inches of snow which then quickly changed to 4-8 inches. Then at some point it was showing 8-12 inches then back to 4-8 inches. Everyone on Facebook kept questioning WLKY our local news station as to why it kept changing and they basically just said 'that’s the weather for you'.
Needless to say, I am happy we only got 5 inches of snow. It could have been much worse.
I will admit, it is pretty to look at - I just wish Matt and I didn’t have to drive to work in it. I am praying we, as well as everyone, makes it to and from work safely while this snow is in our area. Tomorrow evening it is suppose to rain. This will either help make it melt or this will make the roads icy. Time will tell.
Want a weekend re-cap? I might as well give you one since I am not motivated to do anything else but blog right now. :)
Friday evening, I was home alone.
I ate a pita pocket pizza and settled into my reclining chair to watch the DVD Jobs followed by Despicable Me 2.
Jobs was very boring. I turned it off after about 20 minutes. I could not get into it.
Despicable Me 2 was adorable! I had heard the first one was better than this one, but I have to disagree. I thought this one was even better then the first. I would definitely watch this movie again.
I was in bed by 10PM after taking a bath and reading my newest book from the library. I'm a 29 year old in an old lady body! Ha ha ha!
Saturday, I had planned to wake early to get all my running around done before noon. Ya, that didn’t happen. I hit the snooze button.... more than once. Waking up early is overrated. Once I finally woke and showered, I headed to (ready for it?) the Post Office, Kohl's, Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, the mall for eyebrows, Pets Mart, and then Kroger.
To say I was sick of shopping after all this is an understatement. I was beyond ready to be home.
Post Office - had to mail a package, you know, after waiting in a long line where only one person was working.
Kohl's - had some Kohl's money to spend. Bought myself three beautifully colored gym t-shirts.
Wal-Mart - needed car floor mats and car cleaning wipes and some scrapbook supplies. Also bought baby food for Wyatt.
Hobby Lobby - went in for some more scrapbook supplies and ended up spending WAY more money then I planned when I saw they had ribbon and other goodies on clearance for a few dollars each. I hope Matt doesn't read this post because I have already combined my new stuff with my old stuff in hopes he doesn’t notice.
Mall -to get my eyebrows waxed. Only, I had parked on one side of the mall thinking I would walk by a place that waxed and was almost through the entire mall when I came upon the eyebrow place that threads them.
Let's talk about this - I thought this was supposed to be less painful then waxing. Well I can assure you, it wasn't. With waxing, they wax above each eyebrow, below each eyebrow and then in between them followed by possibly a little plucking with the tweezers. With the threading, I opened my eyes at one point and saw she was literally using thread and somehow pulling at the hair of my eyebrows. She did it several times (at last 10 times) for each eye. I thought it was extremely painful! My eyes kept watering up even though I kept wiping away the tears. I will not be doing it again. Ever! On the plus side, my eyebrows were only red for about 30 minutes opposed to waxing where my eyebrows are red for several hours. And now I get to cross it off my list of 30 before 30.
Pets Mart - Wyatt needed some new dog treats.
Kroger - had to buy more groceries just like every week.
After all my shopping, I came home and ate lunch (wanted to buy Chick-fil-a, but I passed on it figuring I could justify $6 of my scrapbook supplies). I folded all the clean laundry in the house and then went through all my clothes and managed to get rid of an entire trash bag full of clothes I no longer wear.
Once Matt got home, we relaxed by watching Breaking Bad. Have you seen it?
Sunday was the Superbowl - Matt feels this should be a national holiday. I do not.
I started off watching the game and commercials with him and then started on a crafty project in the kitchen. I'll blog about that tomorrow. For now, I am going to stop typing and do something else productive. Not sure what that will be yet.