Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Was 2013, Now 2014

Happy New Year!
OMGoodness! I cannot believe we are in 2014!
Did you know exactly 2 years ago today, Matt asked me to marry him? Crazy!
Yesterday, New Year's Eve, Matt and I hung out around the house until we finally left to do a little something in celebration of the new year.
First, we stopped at the post office to mail the five packages Matt had just printed mailing labels and taped closed. But get this, the USPS was already closed at 1:30PM. Never mind that the door clearly stated they should be open for another three hours. We went to two, not one, locations just to have them both be closed. With no sign on the door, no closing note online and no recorded message on there phone. Damn wannabe federal employees! Don't they know federal employees have to work on New Year's Eve? You know, unless they were on some sort of leave. Obviously no one knew they were closed because several other people tried to go there in the few minutes we were at each location. Glad we had nothing that had to be post marked by the 31st. I feel bad for those people who did. I would have been pissed instead of mildly agitated. 
We decided to have a simple day. I wanted to go see a movie. I guess everyone had the same idea as us since the lobby was packed! I had wanted to see the movie Frozen and I figured it was a good day to go.... the movie had already been out a month. But like I said, it was packed. So packed that we were in the movie theater by 1:50 PM for a 2:15 PM showing and there were hardly any seats available. I was going to be upset if we had to sit in the first few rows and I would of had to stare up at the screen the entire time. Thankfully, we found a few available seats further back. We came into the row from the left, I walked in the row first and sat leaving two seats available on my left thinking Matt would sit on my left. That way he would have a seat between him and strangers. Did he do this? No, he didn't do that and we ended up having people sitting directly next to us on both sides. Blah! I hate sharing an arm rest with a stranger. Very awkward trying to decide if I can put my arm down or if the person next to me will... you know what I mean?
After 20 minutes, or what felt like 20 minutes, of previews, the movie began.
Such a wonderful movie! I LOVED it! Not really surprising since I enjoy all Disney movies. I am already looking forward to buying it and adding it to my collection. I can totally see why it is one of the highest grossing films of the year.
Side note - there is a kissing scene - you could hear a bunch of the kids in the theater yelling 'gross' and 'ewww'. It was so stinking cute/funny! Matt thought the same thing - we both looked at each other and smiled.
After the movie, we went to Kohl's to make an exchange and then to Wal-Mart to buy a few items. Yes, I said Wal-Mart. Yes, I still hate that awful store. In my defense, it was next to our last stop... Moe's. We decided this would be a wonderful place to eat our last meal of 2013.
It did not disappoint.
I was strong and did not get a big cup of yummy gooey cheese aka queso dip. Shocker!
At home, I took a bath/read a book and we watched some TV. I had rented some movies from the library to watch, but I was too tired to stay up and watch any of them. I was asleep before 11.
I can rarely stay up late in my old age. Just ask Matt. Go ahead, make fun of me. :)
I haven't left the house today. I am still in my pjs with my glasses on and we have watched WAY too much TV. Walking Dead marathon. Let's pretend we don't have the first three seasons on DVD and we didn't recently watch them. We even watched one of the movies I rented. I was a little productive and got two loads of laundry washed and put away. Tomorrow, I have to go to work so I didn't want to over do it.
I feel like today is Sunday (probably because I have been off for two days) which makes tomorrow 'Monday'. I am going to be extremely happy when Friday comes in just two days instead of five. I am already looking forward to the weekend!
P.S. Sorry for the lack of pictures.

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