Friday, January 31, 2014

TMI on Wyatt

My dog, Wyatt, smells like pee.
Yes, you read that line correctly.
He really does smell like pee. Not the cinnamon air freshener I have in my hallway or the perfume I wear or even like Matt. (He usually smells like one or more of these things.) Nope. Not my dog. Sadly my dog doesn't seem to be able to hold his bladder as long as he used to so while Matt and I are hard at work - he evidently pees in his dog bed then sleeps in it. Hence why he smells like pee.
Thankfully the smell leaves him after being away from his bed for while even though I am sure it is still within his fur.
I need to give him a bath ASAP, but that is useless until I buy him a new dog bed. The one in our bedroom he sleeps on it while we are at work is round and has no removable insert to wash. Meaning every time I try to wash it, the washer is lop sided and makes loud banging noises no matter how often I stop the machine to move the clothing around. Therefore I am no longer going to wash that bed. Not worth the effort or the possible ending to my washer.
In fact, I have plans to throw it out once I introduce him to a new one with a removable insert that I can wrap in plastic and then a pillow case. But then my fear is he won't lay on the new bed if he hears the plastic.
Ahhhh.... the trials and tribulations of having a half deaf and blind 16 year old baby.
P.S. The bed had a towel under it to stop pee from entering my bedroom carpet.
P.S.S. I threw out the bed and now have a blanket on top of the towel. I will be on the hunt for a new dog bed this weekend.

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