Friday, January 31, 2014

TMI on Wyatt

My dog, Wyatt, smells like pee.
Yes, you read that line correctly.
He really does smell like pee. Not the cinnamon air freshener I have in my hallway or the perfume I wear or even like Matt. (He usually smells like one or more of these things.) Nope. Not my dog. Sadly my dog doesn't seem to be able to hold his bladder as long as he used to so while Matt and I are hard at work - he evidently pees in his dog bed then sleeps in it. Hence why he smells like pee.
Thankfully the smell leaves him after being away from his bed for while even though I am sure it is still within his fur.
I need to give him a bath ASAP, but that is useless until I buy him a new dog bed. The one in our bedroom he sleeps on it while we are at work is round and has no removable insert to wash. Meaning every time I try to wash it, the washer is lop sided and makes loud banging noises no matter how often I stop the machine to move the clothing around. Therefore I am no longer going to wash that bed. Not worth the effort or the possible ending to my washer.
In fact, I have plans to throw it out once I introduce him to a new one with a removable insert that I can wrap in plastic and then a pillow case. But then my fear is he won't lay on the new bed if he hears the plastic.
Ahhhh.... the trials and tribulations of having a half deaf and blind 16 year old baby.
P.S. The bed had a towel under it to stop pee from entering my bedroom carpet.
P.S.S. I threw out the bed and now have a blanket on top of the towel. I will be on the hunt for a new dog bed this weekend.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Scrapbook Party - Oh What Fun!

Have you ever been to a scrapbook party?
Me neither. 
This was the first one I had even been invited to and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I honestly thought it would be like one of those parties you always get invited to where the party hostess would be selling something I wouldn't want to buy. Yet I would feel inclined to purchase something so I would flip through the book and find the cheapest item even though it isn't something I particularly want or need. But you do it because they invited you to there house and feed you some snacks and maybe offered you a little entertainment and now it is your turn to 're-pay' them. Is this how you feel at these parties?
All I knew for sure prior to going was she was supplying the books and she would have other supplies for us to use. Wasn't sure if that meant stuff like scissors and glue only and I would have to buy the embellishments or what it meant
Our friend B had it at her house and I am happy to tell you she supplied absolutely everything! The book, the paper, the stickers, scissors, glue, tape, etc. She even had us take home extra supplies to finish working on our scrapbooks.
I had a really good time and I am already looking forward to more scrapbooking. First, I have to talk Matt into letting me spend some money to buy some scrapbook supplies. (We are trying to re-build our savings account.) I can't go much further without a few essential items. Meaning, Hobby Lobby is calling my name!
Check out this table of supplies:
She had HUNDREDS of papers to choose from and all sorts of different letters and sayings to use!
Here's what I started with:
This was the area where we worked:
I am in LOVE with the tie-dyed work mats. She said she bought them at the Dollar Tree and cut them in half. I will be sure to check it out this weekend. I too need one of those to cover my table from getting gunk on it. Think Matt will buy that reasoning?
The bottom picture I took a few minutes before I left. I was sitting where you see my pink jacket.
After spending 4 1/2 hours scrapbooking and chitchatting, it was time for me to get home.
While at the scrapbook party, I learned how to make the knotted fleece blanket you see all over the internet. Seemed easy enough. I don’t have any immediate plans to make one (we have several blankets in our living room already), but I want to type out the directions for my future use.
Buy two different pieces of fleece and have them cut to the same size. (She did hers 2 1/2 yards by 2 1/2 yards.)
Line up the two pieces of fleece and spread over a wide surface (like a bed or the floor). Working one side at a time, cut a square from each corner and then cut 3 inch strips along the side and tie each strip twice to make a knot. You will repeat these steps for each side. Once all four sides are cut and tied, you're done.
She says each blanket is quick to make and can be done within 20 minutes. Good idea for a baby gift blanket for someone like me who does not know how to crochet.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

GYM - Step1

I am not calling it a New Year's Resolution.
I am going to call it Step 1 to baby making.
Yes, I like that 'name'.
It's perfect!
It describes my #1 goal after getting healthy.
Two weeks ago, I forget which day, Matt and I joined the gym. I was going to join Weight Watchers and just use my treadmill at the house, but that is $50/month and the gym is $60/month. We cannot afford both, so we had a decision to make, and we decided we were going to start eating better at home while exercising. I think this is the best route for us to both lose weight and get in shape. Plus, our treadmill stated giving off a strong odor - we think maybe the motor is dying. Not sure. Nor am I willing to wait and find out.
Our gym allows you to have a few free visits with a trainer who will show you how to use all the machines and will tell you what works best for you. Although Matt had no desire to take advantage of this offer, I did. Last Tuesday, I did my first free session. Before showing me how to use the machines, we had a talk about my goals and why I joined the gym. I responded honestly about wanting to lose weight and in return, he showed me how to use three different elliptical like machines which should help me lose weight if I use them regularly. He suggested I do 2 or the 3 machines for at least 15 minutes and then work my way up from there. I am proud to report yesterday I did 25 on one and then 15 on the other.
Today, I had my second session with him. I learned a few machines to work my arms. I have absolutely no upper body strength and I am now curious how much pain I will be in tomorrow when I wake. We spent an hour together doing 10 reps on each machine. He wants me to work over the next 3 weeks and do 3 sets of 10 reps on each machine. I decided to stay at the gym after my session and I did 30 minutes on the elliptical followed by 3 sets of 10 reps on most the machines I learned.
Slowly but surely I will be slimming down.
To help motivate myself, I have been adding an orange tab onto my Outlook calendar each time I go to the gym. I enjoy seeing the brightly colored tabs labeled with the amount of time I spent at the gym each day. Per my calendar (Sun-Sat), we actually went to the gym three times last week! And today is only Tuesday and I have already been to the gym twice this week. I am on the right track this week! Might even go four times since Matt was not able to go to the gym with me today.
We are aiming for 3 times a week for 45 minutes. We will be upping ourselves to one hour and hopefully 4 times a week.  
As of yesterday, I started adding my food to My Fitness Pal. My user name is jjsg11 if you want to help me stay accountable for what goes in my mouth. I currently have two friends. :)
I need all the help I can get! If this method doesn’t help me, I have an old Weight Watchers journal from when I used to be a member (years ago). I might do better physically writing everything down.

And because I must post a picture - how cute are these guys???

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Was 2013, Now 2014

Happy New Year!
OMGoodness! I cannot believe we are in 2014!
Did you know exactly 2 years ago today, Matt asked me to marry him? Crazy!
Yesterday, New Year's Eve, Matt and I hung out around the house until we finally left to do a little something in celebration of the new year.
First, we stopped at the post office to mail the five packages Matt had just printed mailing labels and taped closed. But get this, the USPS was already closed at 1:30PM. Never mind that the door clearly stated they should be open for another three hours. We went to two, not one, locations just to have them both be closed. With no sign on the door, no closing note online and no recorded message on there phone. Damn wannabe federal employees! Don't they know federal employees have to work on New Year's Eve? You know, unless they were on some sort of leave. Obviously no one knew they were closed because several other people tried to go there in the few minutes we were at each location. Glad we had nothing that had to be post marked by the 31st. I feel bad for those people who did. I would have been pissed instead of mildly agitated. 
We decided to have a simple day. I wanted to go see a movie. I guess everyone had the same idea as us since the lobby was packed! I had wanted to see the movie Frozen and I figured it was a good day to go.... the movie had already been out a month. But like I said, it was packed. So packed that we were in the movie theater by 1:50 PM for a 2:15 PM showing and there were hardly any seats available. I was going to be upset if we had to sit in the first few rows and I would of had to stare up at the screen the entire time. Thankfully, we found a few available seats further back. We came into the row from the left, I walked in the row first and sat leaving two seats available on my left thinking Matt would sit on my left. That way he would have a seat between him and strangers. Did he do this? No, he didn't do that and we ended up having people sitting directly next to us on both sides. Blah! I hate sharing an arm rest with a stranger. Very awkward trying to decide if I can put my arm down or if the person next to me will... you know what I mean?
After 20 minutes, or what felt like 20 minutes, of previews, the movie began.
Such a wonderful movie! I LOVED it! Not really surprising since I enjoy all Disney movies. I am already looking forward to buying it and adding it to my collection. I can totally see why it is one of the highest grossing films of the year.
Side note - there is a kissing scene - you could hear a bunch of the kids in the theater yelling 'gross' and 'ewww'. It was so stinking cute/funny! Matt thought the same thing - we both looked at each other and smiled.
After the movie, we went to Kohl's to make an exchange and then to Wal-Mart to buy a few items. Yes, I said Wal-Mart. Yes, I still hate that awful store. In my defense, it was next to our last stop... Moe's. We decided this would be a wonderful place to eat our last meal of 2013.
It did not disappoint.
I was strong and did not get a big cup of yummy gooey cheese aka queso dip. Shocker!
At home, I took a bath/read a book and we watched some TV. I had rented some movies from the library to watch, but I was too tired to stay up and watch any of them. I was asleep before 11.
I can rarely stay up late in my old age. Just ask Matt. Go ahead, make fun of me. :)
I haven't left the house today. I am still in my pjs with my glasses on and we have watched WAY too much TV. Walking Dead marathon. Let's pretend we don't have the first three seasons on DVD and we didn't recently watch them. We even watched one of the movies I rented. I was a little productive and got two loads of laundry washed and put away. Tomorrow, I have to go to work so I didn't want to over do it.
I feel like today is Sunday (probably because I have been off for two days) which makes tomorrow 'Monday'. I am going to be extremely happy when Friday comes in just two days instead of five. I am already looking forward to the weekend!
P.S. Sorry for the lack of pictures.