Thursday, December 19, 2013

Scarf of the Loom

It isn't a blanket (see 30 before 30), but I actually finished something I began knitting!
Don't worry, I will make a blanket one day soon. Probably with this method though. Crocheting wasn't as easy to me. Maybe knitting on a loom will help me learn to knit without the loom and to crochet. I did use a crochet hook with the end binding. That's a start.
Last weekend while visiting with Matt's family, his sister was knitting a scarf on a loom. I kept watching her and asking her questions and she asked if I wanted one for Christmas. I said 'yes'. So she bought me the Martha Stewart loom kit and allowed me to use one piece of it and showed me how to make a scarf. (The rest of it is being wrapped and placed under the tree.) She had taught herself the week prior by watching YouTube videos and thought it would be easy enough to teach me. Which it was. Although, I now know we did it a little bit wrong. That's okay - I'm still happy with my end result.
I worked on it last Saturday for, I think, 4 or 5 episodes of The Big Bang Theory. In case you don't know, TBS does a marathon of the show every Saturday night. And I HEART Sheldon Cooper! Therefore, I was more than willing to watch him on TV. Just like I do almost every Saturday night. I would have worked on it even longer, but I had ran out of yarn. Matt and I went and bought another skein of yarn and the other night I finished it. Maybe another hour spent on it. I think. I didn’t really keep track of time. I was a little distracted by Home Alone 2 on AMC.
It's no Home Alone 1, but it is close and still cute. Just not my favorite Christmas movie of all time. As I already told you, that spot is reserved for the first Home Alone. The movie I have watched AT LEAST two times every Christmas since its release date.
I could probably recite every line to you right now.
I have gotten distracted thinking about Home Alone.
Let me get back to the topic at hand....
As you can see, the left side is where I started. My yarn was a lot bit looser in the beginning and the first area of the scarf isn't as neat looking as my end binding on the right. Along with my sister-in-law's directions, I found a wonderful website that shows YouTube video tutorials on everything I need to know. There are about 30 and I have already watched at least 15 of them.
The scarf I start and maybe finish this weekend will look even better. I'm positive. I plan on doing this same stitch - figure eights - again and then I will move onto another stitch. :)

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