Friday, December 20, 2013

I Saw Santa Claus!!!

Last year, I saw Santa drive by my house on a fire truck and no one (at last not Matt) believed me!!!
This year, I have proof!
Exhibit A:
It's Santa!
The big guy in the red suit!
On a fire truck!
Waving to everyone!
I saw the red and blue lights... luckily was already in my car... got off the phone and turned around to get behind him so I could snap a few pictures with my phone.
I took some of him waving, but they didn't come out very good. Sadly.
Exhibit B:
Doesn't matter though. I have my proof either way!
Just as I was typing this, I heard the sirens. Took a few more pictures with my phone.... wish I had my real camera handy. I went out there in a shirt and underwear. Ha ha ha! So very glad I was able to hide in the dark and no one saw me! (None of those pictures turned out.)

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