Sunday, December 15, 2013

Gingerbread Boy & Girl Painting

Check out this awesome tree at my library:
It's a book tree!!!
How stinking cute is that? When my librarian pointed it out, I told her I HAD to take a picture of it!
I wonder where they came up with the idea??? Possibly online. Or maybe someone thought of it on there own. Several of the people who work at my local library are very creative.
This weekend my sister-in-law and I went to another painting class. (My mom was suppose to come, but instead she got the flu and had to stay home. No worries - I have another class in mind for another week.)
This one was of a gingerbread couple.
Side note:
It's true what they say - bad review are more discussed then good ones....
Over Thanksgiving week, I signed us up for Saturday at 2PM.... went online to the website on (this past) Friday and noticed the class started at 10AM and was now a mommy and me class. WHAT??? Of course it was 6AM when I saw this so I wrote myself a note to call them later. Before I called, I got a call from the owner claiming I must have booked this class with her husband (I booked with her) and that she just now saw I had a reservation. They changed the time of the class over a week ago to accommodate a private class. Long story short, it all worked out, but in the future, they need to make sure to call people in advance. Due to the time change, what if I was unable to come? I don't feel it was handled very well. They shouldn't be calling 24 hours prior to inform people about a time change.
I assume because this was a kid's class, the gingerbread people were drawn on our canvases prior to us arriving. I didn't mind not one little bit. Makes it a little easier for me when this is done. Doesn't upset any of my creative mojo.
The icing on the gingerbread people could be done however you wanted it to look. Which almost everyone did even though most used the same colors as the instructor (including me).
I wish I had done the icing on my heads a little higher up.
I love my gingerbread couple - it just looks like they are wearing helmets. LOL!
Cute huh?

If you look in the background of my last picture, you can see a few of the other ones in our class. Sadly, no group picture was taken. I would have liked to have seen all of them together though.

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