Sunday, December 8, 2013

DIY Charm Bracelet

A few weeks ago I went to another fun jewelry making class.
This one was super duper easy. Easier then any of the other ones I have made. Seriously.
Basically, we made a charm bracelet. We started with a piece of chain cut from a giant roll and added two jump rings and a bell.
This picture should be turned on it's side, but it won't stay rotated no matter what I try.
We only used pliers and a jewelry tool to assemble the bracelet. We all had them done within 30 minutes. The longest part was passing around the long roll of chain and measuring each other's wrists to cut the length we wanted.

The lady who taught our class told us about how she bought an old Monopoly game and used the pieces to make a beautiful charm bracelet. What a good idea! Now if I can just find me an old Monopoly game from a thrift store I'll be all set to make my very own.

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