Monday, December 30, 2013

5 Days of Christmas

Is it really already December 30??? I'm going to blink and it will be 2014. Might as well say 'Goodbye' to 2013. Goodbye, 2013! Guess that means I need to hurry up and write about my Christmas holiday before it becomes old news.
Old in the sense that we are almost in a new month.
A new year.
Matt and I spent Christmas in TN with our families. I arrived the Friday before Christmas after spending all day at work and we left Christmas Day since I had to be back at work on Thursday. I can assure you I would have preferred to stay home. In bed. Where I left Matt and Wyatt. Still sleeping. Not thinking at all about me who had to get up and leave the house before daylight even broke through the sky.
Not. Fair.
Just saying.
At this point (5 days after Christmas), I don’t remember exactly what I did on each day.
I do remember my mom and I went and did another painting at Uptown Art. I'll let my picture of my new painting speak for me:
 My finished product is in the right corner and my mom's is in the left bottom corner.
The giraffe painting I won! I had wanted to paint it - winning it was even better!
We have both decided this will be our last one for awhile. This is an expensive hobby and my wallet needs a break. I have painted 3 in the past month. I have changed out a few throughout my house, but I have 4 that still need a spot. I need to remedy this ASAP.
Prior to Christmas, my mom and I made three different kinds of cookies and some chocolate candies.
Again, enjoy my picture:
All were a hit with everyone who was given them.
My favorites were the turtles. Such a simple 'cookie', but oh so yummy!
Christmas Eve we celebrated with Matt's family. His mom made a turkey dinner and then we exchanged presents.
Her tree after I re-organized the presents:
Christmas Day we celebrated with my family. We opened presents and then my mom made us a ham lunch.
My mom's tree a few days prior and then the day of Christmas:
 Weird lightening
2013 Christmas has come and gone and these are the only pictures I took. What is wrong with me???
For Christmas, I got my first 'real' camera. Matt and I both picked out our own present this year since we both wanted an expensive item. My camera is a Canon Rebel t3i. I did so much research and hunting for the best price. I thought I screwed up when I missed a good sale at Best Buy when they sold out online, but 2 days later I got it for even cheaper!
I am proud of myself!
Too bad all I have done so far is charge the battery. I haven’t played with it at all. I think I am a little intimidated by it. Rest assure I will 'suck it up' and start playing with it. I have too much to learn for it to just be sitting there.
I want to share 2 more pictures with you -
Saw this on the news in TN and had to look it up:
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!
I thought it was real at first! What a goober I am!
This is the wreath I made at the beginning of the month:
I never blogged about it because I am not happy with it. Maybe red garland would look better? I'll make it better next year.
And there you have it.... Christmas celebrated over 5 days.... all in one post.
Picture it wrapped in a box inside sparkly red wrapping paper with a bow on it. Now consider it a gift to you, from me.
Awe..... I am so sweet to think of a gift for you. LOL!!!!!!!!!


  1. I like your wreath. Maybe it looks different in person but the picture looks good.