Friday, November 22, 2013

Mostly Orange Heads

Because I wanted to write out my entire vacation first, I didn’t get to share the cute (we will call them) FALL things I have seen around me this season. Some people are so creative! Makes me jealous! These are things you would probably see on Pinterest if these people actually blogged and posted their pictures. Not that I know who they are or whether or not they do blog. For all I know, they ARE on the Internet somewhere. Guess I'll never know. 
From top left to right
From candy pail to light:
This pumpkin is such a simple, impacting decoration for the fall. Looks very inviting to me. My only issue is I should have bought two extra pumpkins this year on clearance instead of paying full price next year. Either way, I am POSITIVE I will do this to my outside lights next year. Adds a little something fun to the house.
Pumpkin cutie patutie:
This little pumpkin boy is something I need to make for my own front porch next fall. He will look great sitting on my chair welcoming all the trick-or-treaters in my neighborhood. Should be easy enough to make with a baby onesie and some hay.
Shrunken head business men:
While in Dillard's a few weeks ago, my mom and I saw this adorable display of mannequins.
I absolutely LOVE what someone did with those heads! I think the head on the left has a wonderful facial expression for the shape of the squash. The head on the right is cute too, but lacks a little something. (I don’t know what that something is though; I'm just pointing it out.)
Farmer Joe Williams:
Kroger has a farmer near the caramel apples. He looks like something you could buy at the store - the name tag makes him seem like an employee there. Adorable!
I can barely wait to see what people create for the Christmas holiday. :)

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  1. Cute post, Jess. I never would have thought about putting all those random pics together. I loved the little guy at the grocery!