Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Kinder Eggs in St. Maarten

Day 9
St. Maarten
Our last full day on the cruise.
(Insert sad face) 
We decided to walk to the beach (shown from ship). If you are here, leave the main shopping area and head to the road. Start walking to the left. You will be at the beach and more shopping area within about 15 minutes.
Again, we had a nice view of the ship from here.
On the way here, it was HOT! I was so ready to get in the water! We went to the closest spot in the ocean. This spot was next to some rocks they had placed in order to control the water (I guess). We planned on moving down, but within about 15 minutes, it started raining. Not just raining; pouring! Luckily we were close enough to all the shops we were able to get underneath one of the breezeways. We stayed here for about 20 minutes until the sun came back out. I was really only concerned with my camera and Matt's phone getting wet.
When we went back to the beach, we went to a much better spot. Here we swam, snorkeled for sea shells and talked about all the fun we had had. It was around 2 PM when we finally headed back to the ship.
After showering and eating lunch, we went out to the closest shops in search of free Wi-Fi and souvenirs.
Wi-Fi wasn't free anywhere like most other ports. And we were not paying for it. We walked some of the stores where I found my favorite childhood candies - Kinder eggs:
I bought a pack of 4 and ate 3. (Matt ate the other one.) I don’t see why these aren’t sold in the US. Yes, choking hazard, but so are many other toys. Perhaps parents need to watch their children a little more when giving this treat to them or maybe they shouldn't be allowed for a certain age. Just my opinion though. Very glad I now know where to buy them.
That evening we ate one more time in the main dining room and walked around the ship one more time. I remember we also played mini golf.... one more time.
This was the day of the chocolate bar as well. :)
The following morning we were back in San Juan, PR
Due to a change of plans, our flight didn’t leave until 3:15PM.
We decided to wait as long as we could to depart. Everyone had to be out of there room at a certain time so Matt and I headed to the Lido deck where we watched Good Morning America on the TV. Eventually it got hot and we moved down to the promenade and found us a booth to sit and wait our time to leave.
I had wanted to find somewhere to leave our luggage and go see the forts since I wasn't able to see them before, but Matt made a good point about walking around and being stinky.
I think we got to the airport around 11 or 12. WAY too early! We went to check-in with Southwest and were told all luggage had to be inspected by the USDA. Simple enough. They literally take your luggage and put it through a big X-ray machine. Not sure how they can tell whether or not you have food and/or bugs. We had neither so we passed with the stickers on our bags and checked in again. Once in security we saw a few restaurants to eat -asked people in line if there was anywhere to eat after we got through security and they said yes. A guy a few people in front of us recommend a local sandwich restaurant before security called El Meson.
We both enjoyed the food.
After eating, we went through security and then found some seats. Kept looking for an outlet for Matt to plug his phone in, but none of them were working. We got lucky about an hour before boarding and found a working outlet.
Now you know all about our vacation.
Already looking forward to next year! :)

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  1. When you were little, you would not let me leave the store without at least one Kinder egg! I do not know what you liked more - the chocolate or the toy! For me, sometimes I hated the toy - such small pieces to put together making me nutz-o! Ha! Great picture of you - please share it with me. Glad you had such a good time!