Saturday, November 16, 2013

Fun At Sea

Day 5
Sea Day
I don't remember exactly what we did on our one day at sea.
I do know we had lots of fun. I didn't bother to take any pictures of doing stuff like playing mini golf or Bingo which are some of the things we did do on our day at sea. The day at sea was the one day I barely brought my camera along on what we did. I figure I might as well tell you all a little more about my cruise ship - The Carnival Valor.
I do have a picture of the theater where we watched two Broadway type shows along with another show featuring some people on the ship and the dancers. All three shows were good. The first show we had seen before. I worried we were going to have repeats for all the shows. I was glad that wasn't the case. Our second show was amazing! The show with people from our show was pretty cool as well. Even got to see our male cruise director as Dolly Parton.
In this same theater is where I took a towel folding class like I did on my last cruise.
We made a dog and a bunny. I think. For sure the dog. I might be wrong on the bunny. Whatever it was, the body was the same. We only had to learn a different head.
Maybe I can learn to fold towel animals like our room steward. It might help if I wasn't too cheap to buy the book. Would be useless unless I was to practice. Which I probably wouldn't do. I'll stick to my yearly class.
We shared many meals in the main dining room where we had A+ service.
The main event for us, of course, was the lobster and shrimp dinner.
We both ordered two. As did everyone around us.
 One of my other favorite meals was the salmon. I think I ate it three times.
Days at sea are nice, but I prefer being at an island during the day and then hanging out on the ship in the evening.

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  1. Always love to see the towel animals! Next time I visit, wouldn't it be amazing to find one on my bed? *hint* Looking at the food and all I can think about is the number of dishes that are washed on that ship daily!