Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Baby Monkey in St. Kitts

Day 8
St. Kitts
At this point, we had spent a lot of money on this vacation. I knew we would by the time we got here. I planned for a less expensive day today (and tomorrow). I had read online you could find cabs willing to take you on a tour of the island for $20/pp. They were right. We were told we would make stops at Romney Manor, the volcanic rocks and the old fort (forgot its name) while driving by many other highlights.
Saw Romney Manor which was basically a bunch of beautiful plants with an old building in front a new building.  
Within this building (not shown), they showed you how they make beautiful art with wax and had a giant gift shop. I forget all the details, but the different colors are done in different steps and washed in between.
This is truly a tourist trap and not somewhere I would visit again. If you come here on your own, you can see everything there is to see within 15 minutes. A bit boring in my opinion. Entrance is free though.

After Romney Manor we did more driving around and saw the old fort from afar. I am sad to report we did not go here. I didn’t know we weren’t going until I saw the cruise ship coming up. I felt a bit miss led. Like Matt said, we only paid $20/pp. Maybe next time. Wish I would have at least gotten a better picture.
We went and saw the volcanic rocks.
Absolutely beautiful!
Took several pictures here. Wish I didn’t have flip flops on or I would have been more tempted to climb down and get a piece of rock to take home. (Not actually sure I could have made it down there.)
While here, we got to hold a baby monkey. Isn't he cute?
I was told to keep my hand around his neck. I guess so he wouldn't get away? I wish I wasn’t holding his neck in the picture. Would have been cuter. Matt did take a nice picture of us both looking at the camera at least.
The cost was as much as you were willing to give. We only gave $1 since I thought we were still going to the fort which cost $8/pp and we only had $17 cash left. I would have given a few more dollars had I of known.
After our two or so hour tour, we went back to hangout on the ship.

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  1. As I do not trust any animal who I don't feed, you probably needed to hold it that way to keep it from biting you! The lava rocks look beautiful!