Friday, November 15, 2013

A Walk in St. Thomas

Day 4
St. Thomas
Let me start off by saying, prior to vacation, I had fully researched things to do and had planned everything I wanted to do. Matt never cares what we do so I am lucky enough to have full reigns of the entire vacation planning process.
St. Thomas is beautiful!
Just a bunch of green hills with big looking homes and small boats everywhere my eyes could see.
I wouldn’t mind moving there and starting up my own 'fill in the blank' tour. This is a US territory which might make it an easy transition if we ever made the move. (Won't ever happen - wishful thinking.)
My plans were to take a cab to the top of Blackbeard's Castle and then follow my map downhill back towards the ship stopping at all the different buildings and sites I had marked. On the way there, the cab driver warned us it was closed due to the low tourism this time of the year. I had read that online, but figured it would be fine since I thought we would still be able to view the castle, the amber wall, 99 steps, etc.
I was wrong!
Disappointly wrong!
We started at the castle... (That we couldn't actually go in)
Stopped to see this gorgeous view of the ship from way up there... (Took tons of pictures)
Didn't get to see the rum distillery or the wall made of amber stones.
Did get to walk down the famous 99 stairs. (I read online prior to going there are actually 102.)
Our historical sightseeing stopped at the old fort they are currently still restoring. Looked
A bit of a disappoint not seeing everything I had wanted to see, but we decided to make the best of it. Once at the old fort, we were next to all sorts of shopping. We browsed a little bit then decided to walk back to the ship. Even though I had read online that it wasn't a long walk, we asked someone who had just walked from the ship. The couple told us it wasn't bad at all. Maybe a 20 minute walk. They were right. I am glad we didn’t waste money on a second cab.
Once at the ship we decided to eat lunch and then stay on the ship opposed to going somewhere else in St. Thomas. I think next time we are at this island we will go to one of their famous beaches and snorkel. 
I did enjoy taking in the scenery.      :) 

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  1. Your brother's main babysitter was from St. Thomas. Marilyn always talked about how beautiful it is and I loved to listen to her accent. I am certain the wintery weather in Germany totally made her long for her home and warm weather! Your pictures are beautiful but I am sure the place was exponentially more impressive in person!