Thursday, October 17, 2013

Official Notice

Please accept this as my official notice....
I am no longer going to post weekend recaps. I don’t typically do much over the weekend worth mentioning. If I do something blog worthy, I will start writing about it the way I used to do it. I think this is why I am not posting my blog recaps until Thursday night.
Just to finish off the recap for this past weekend (and to further prove my point):
Last weekend Matt and I did some grocery shopping, movie watching and went to church. Not a whole lot to report.
World War Z was good. Had me on my toes several times.
Pain and Gain was awful - we only watched about 20 minutes of it. DO NOT rent!
I tried something I read online to hopefully get rid of the slugs all over my driveway. It said to place a bowl of beer outside. It is suppose to attract the slugs and then they drown.
After a full 24 hours, I 'caught' 2 bees and 5 slugs.
I am concluding this experiment was a FAIL! Maybe it works better with a different type of beer??? I used Budweiser in the blue bottle. (I am too lazy to get up and look in the fridge as to what type of Budweiser beer was used.)
Can we talk TV shows?
I love several new shows this season!
Do you watch the Revolution? Yes, I know it isn't new. The last few episodes haven't been very good. I think I am going to stop watching... it is becoming too unrealistic for me. Aaron came back from the dead? What the heck! I absolutely love the concept of this show - I just can’t do unrealistic sci-fi stuff like they are turning the show. I wish they would have kept the show how it started. If they must have people come back from the dead, why didn't they bring Nora back? I do not like Miles and Rachel together! Just saying!
Have you been watching The Black List? I LOVE it! Absolutely LOVE it! I am curious how this show will continue on, but for now I am happy with the premise of the show. Do you think he is her dad? I do.
Some other new shows I am watching are The Millers and The Goldsteins. Both in my opinion are good family shows. I am looking forward to future episodes. They are both quirky and funny in there own way... like last week on The Millers... the mom had bought 5 grave spots and she didn't want to be next to her soon to be ex-husband and her son had to ask his ex-wife for her signature to remove her from the plots so his brother-in-law would have his own plot instead of sharing with his wife. LOL!
I could go on and on about TV shows I am enjoying right now. :)
What's your new favorites?

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