Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Honey Colored Wood

Somehow I always mange to forget what I have and have not blogged about... this shouldn’t be very surprising to me since I am one of those people who repeats herself because I forget what I already said. I am also one of those people who thinks she tells you something (when in fact she did not) and then gets mad at you because she feels you forgot. Matt says I do this ALL THE TIME! So he says, right? I do think he is telling the truth though.
Did I tell you we were staining our fence we had installed last summer?
If yes -
We finished painting our fence! Please skip 'If not'.
If not -
We decided to stain our fence ourselves because we are WAY too cheap poor to pay someone else to do it.
The right side is stained... nice color don't ya think? 

Before any staining took place, Matt had to pressure wash the fence - both sides. What a chore! He started off using the pressure washer and only water. This method was taking FOREVER! He then added bleach (I read online you could use it). DO NOT USE BLEACH!!! I repeat, DO NOT USE BLEACH!!! It ate at our fence! You can tell where bleach was used if you look closely enough. Doesn't look good! Thankfully, you can't really tell unless you are looking closely. He then went back to just high pressured water. Then he discovered a green bottle of cleaning product from Lowe's that worked magically. AND only cost like $8. Wish I could remember what it was called.
After a few different days of pressure washing, we had a fully cleaned fence.
We picked out our stain - VERY expensive in my opinion. And since we were staining both sides of our fence, we needed a lot!
Prior to staining, I Googled, looked at Pinterest, asked co-workers and scoured blogs. I wanted to know all my options and then pick the best one. EVERYONE had an opinion and all were a little different. I went into the whole process thinking this would be quick and easy. But let me tell you... They LIED!!! Whoever told me it would only take an afternoon, LIED!
It is not quick! Not at all!
And as far as being easy.... it's easy if you don’t have much to paint. My right arm was sore after each session of painting. It's a lot more work than you would think. This isn't lazy girl work!
For us, after TONS of research, we decided to use a manual sprayer. Again, we are cheap poor. But honestly, this was the best route for us and I highly recommend it. When we were done staining each day, Matt cleaned the sprayer with paint thinner and it was good to go for another day's use.
Matt spayed about 6 boards at a time and then I went behind him with a brush to even the stain and hit any spots the sprayer missed. This method allowed us to use a little less paint then we would have had we only been spraying. Over the course of a few weeks, (due to weather and work schedules) we finished our fence over 3 days. 3 long days!
My Tips:
This is a 2 person job.
Make sure the fence has been dry for 2 days prior to staining and will have 2 days available after staining to be dry.
Do not paint fence directly in sun. Seems the stain would soak too quickly into the wood which made us use more stain.
Spray and then use paint brush for overall coverage.
Cover house, shed, garage or any other building/fixture that might be spayed.
Be patient.
Overall, painting our fence was a lot of work. I am thankful it is done and I LOVE how it turned out.
MY sweat, tears and blood are in that fence!
Okay, not my blood. But for sure my sweat and tears. Tears from when I accidentally flicked stain into my eyes when I wasn’t wearing my sunglasses. My contact seemed to save my eyeball! I immediately went into the house to rinse it out and called it a day after that incident.

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  1. It really looks even better in person! You guys worked hard and it shows.