Monday, October 28, 2013

Earring Making 101

Doesn't my title sound like a college course? I think it does with it's '101'. LOL!

I recently took an earring making jewelry class and I thought I would share with you what I learned. Plus, it is nice to have it all typed out on my blog for my own future reference. You know, for when I forget how to make them. This seems to happen all the time to me. :(
Supplies we used:Cutters
Wooded Dowel
'Pre-assembled' Wire
I don't know the correct terms for the different types of wire we used so hopefully the picture is useful enough.
Before I began assembling, I got my wire pieces together and I selected a few 'big' beads.
Next I selected a few tiny beads. I choose clear and 2 purple ones. This is suppose to make you larger beads more defined.  
Place the beads on your long wire piece in the order you desire. The more beads you use, the longer your dangling earring will be and it might be heavy - so be careful.
Using your wooden dowel, place it above your beads and bend in a 90 degree angle (I did away from me). Put your wooden dowel on top of that 90 degree angle and bend the wire in the opposite direction (I did toward me). Now loop it around under your wooden dowel. You will have a loop around the wooden dowel and you will have a little free space between the beads and the loop. You will take your excess wire and wrap it around until you are happy with your earrings. It was recommended you wrap it at least 2 times around. To do this, I kept my earring on the wooden dowel and I used the pliers to slowly and evening wrap the wire around. You can use the pliers to maneuver the wire and to make it more even. Or even more tightly. Cut off the excess wire.Repeat with your other earring. Make sure they are the same, or at least very similar.
Your earrings will now look like this once you have them both completed:
Now you have one more piece to add to the earrings. It's hard to tell, but you have to open the loop on the wire piece to allow your earring to hang on it. Once attached, carefully use your pliers to close the loop.
Ta da!!!As you can see, I now have a brand new pair of earrings! Fully customized to my liking!
I know I'm not a good explainer on my blog, but if I know you in person, I can explain MUCH better - just ask!

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  1. These are cute! Hope you wear them some time. I have to ask - the first picture looks like it's missing a brown bead, is it?