Thursday, October 10, 2013

Another Weekend Gone By

How is it Thursday already???
Times flies by WAY too fast sometimes.
I am trying to write up my weekend every week, therefore I am going to tell you about last weekend even though it was very low key and several days ago.  
AKA very boring.
Due to one reason or another (I might share later), I was a bit stressed over last week and the weekend. Mostly due to financial reasons.
Friday Matt and I stayed at home and watched TV. I also did some reading and surfing on the web.
Saturday I stayed home all day and read one whole book and then some of another! I could not put it down! Plus I had nothing else to do since I was trying to not go anywhere and spend money. (I have slowly been reading all books by Karen Kingsbury - Christian author who always tells an amazing story in each book.)
Sunday I had to get out of the house. I could not stand one more day of doing nothing. We went to Culver's for an inexpensive lunch. (I had a coupon from my new coupon 'book' I bought a couple of weeks ago from a neighborhood kid for $10.) We then went to Meijer to do a little grocery shopping and to the mall because Matt needed some new clothes.
We got some awesome deals on his clothes:
Not sure why the picture is sideways???
2 pairs of shorts $30
5 shirts $30
The 3 black shirts are the exact same.... they were (I assume) missed clearances. We got lucky! Matt was looking at the Adidas shirts in the full priced section and wanted me to price scan a few of them to see if they were on sale. I scanned the red shirt and it said $6. I scanned a black shirt and it said $6. So I thought something was wrong with the machine. A scanned the shirt right next to the machine and it showed $20. I couldn't believe we found such a steal on name brand clothes for Matt. (He is WAY a bit picky and we hardly ever find him clearance clothes.)
At $6 each, he decided to buy these 5 shirts which include 3 of the same since he likes plain black shirts. We found them all at JC Penny's.
The shorts were on clearance for $15 each at Dillard's.
I was strong and did not look for any clothes for me since we are trying to save money. Plus, I got clothes last time we shopped.
Sunday evening we had planned to go see Halloween at the Zoo, but all the rain we had over the weekend ruined those plans. Because of this and the fact that we got a little good news that afternoon, we decided to use another coupon from my 'book' and go to Popeye's. The best fast food chicken ever!

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