Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Honey Colored Wood

Somehow I always mange to forget what I have and have not blogged about... this shouldn’t be very surprising to me since I am one of those people who repeats herself because I forget what I already said. I am also one of those people who thinks she tells you something (when in fact she did not) and then gets mad at you because she feels you forgot. Matt says I do this ALL THE TIME! So he says, right? I do think he is telling the truth though.
Did I tell you we were staining our fence we had installed last summer?
If yes -
We finished painting our fence! Please skip 'If not'.
If not -
We decided to stain our fence ourselves because we are WAY too cheap poor to pay someone else to do it.
The right side is stained... nice color don't ya think? 

Before any staining took place, Matt had to pressure wash the fence - both sides. What a chore! He started off using the pressure washer and only water. This method was taking FOREVER! He then added bleach (I read online you could use it). DO NOT USE BLEACH!!! I repeat, DO NOT USE BLEACH!!! It ate at our fence! You can tell where bleach was used if you look closely enough. Doesn't look good! Thankfully, you can't really tell unless you are looking closely. He then went back to just high pressured water. Then he discovered a green bottle of cleaning product from Lowe's that worked magically. AND only cost like $8. Wish I could remember what it was called.
After a few different days of pressure washing, we had a fully cleaned fence.
We picked out our stain - VERY expensive in my opinion. And since we were staining both sides of our fence, we needed a lot!
Prior to staining, I Googled, looked at Pinterest, asked co-workers and scoured blogs. I wanted to know all my options and then pick the best one. EVERYONE had an opinion and all were a little different. I went into the whole process thinking this would be quick and easy. But let me tell you... They LIED!!! Whoever told me it would only take an afternoon, LIED!
It is not quick! Not at all!
And as far as being easy.... it's easy if you don’t have much to paint. My right arm was sore after each session of painting. It's a lot more work than you would think. This isn't lazy girl work!
For us, after TONS of research, we decided to use a manual sprayer. Again, we are cheap poor. But honestly, this was the best route for us and I highly recommend it. When we were done staining each day, Matt cleaned the sprayer with paint thinner and it was good to go for another day's use.
Matt spayed about 6 boards at a time and then I went behind him with a brush to even the stain and hit any spots the sprayer missed. This method allowed us to use a little less paint then we would have had we only been spraying. Over the course of a few weeks, (due to weather and work schedules) we finished our fence over 3 days. 3 long days!
My Tips:
This is a 2 person job.
Make sure the fence has been dry for 2 days prior to staining and will have 2 days available after staining to be dry.
Do not paint fence directly in sun. Seems the stain would soak too quickly into the wood which made us use more stain.
Spray and then use paint brush for overall coverage.
Cover house, shed, garage or any other building/fixture that might be spayed.
Be patient.
Overall, painting our fence was a lot of work. I am thankful it is done and I LOVE how it turned out.
MY sweat, tears and blood are in that fence!
Okay, not my blood. But for sure my sweat and tears. Tears from when I accidentally flicked stain into my eyes when I wasn’t wearing my sunglasses. My contact seemed to save my eyeball! I immediately went into the house to rinse it out and called it a day after that incident.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Earring Making 101

Doesn't my title sound like a college course? I think it does with it's '101'. LOL!

I recently took an earring making jewelry class and I thought I would share with you what I learned. Plus, it is nice to have it all typed out on my blog for my own future reference. You know, for when I forget how to make them. This seems to happen all the time to me. :(
Supplies we used:Cutters
Wooded Dowel
'Pre-assembled' Wire
I don't know the correct terms for the different types of wire we used so hopefully the picture is useful enough.
Before I began assembling, I got my wire pieces together and I selected a few 'big' beads.
Next I selected a few tiny beads. I choose clear and 2 purple ones. This is suppose to make you larger beads more defined.  
Place the beads on your long wire piece in the order you desire. The more beads you use, the longer your dangling earring will be and it might be heavy - so be careful.
Using your wooden dowel, place it above your beads and bend in a 90 degree angle (I did away from me). Put your wooden dowel on top of that 90 degree angle and bend the wire in the opposite direction (I did toward me). Now loop it around under your wooden dowel. You will have a loop around the wooden dowel and you will have a little free space between the beads and the loop. You will take your excess wire and wrap it around until you are happy with your earrings. It was recommended you wrap it at least 2 times around. To do this, I kept my earring on the wooden dowel and I used the pliers to slowly and evening wrap the wire around. You can use the pliers to maneuver the wire and to make it more even. Or even more tightly. Cut off the excess wire.Repeat with your other earring. Make sure they are the same, or at least very similar.
Your earrings will now look like this once you have them both completed:
Now you have one more piece to add to the earrings. It's hard to tell, but you have to open the loop on the wire piece to allow your earring to hang on it. Once attached, carefully use your pliers to close the loop.
Ta da!!!As you can see, I now have a brand new pair of earrings! Fully customized to my liking!
I know I'm not a good explainer on my blog, but if I know you in person, I can explain MUCH better - just ask!

Friday, October 25, 2013

LIGHT by Bruce Munro

Last Friday evening we went to Nashville to see LIGHT by Bruce Munro at Cheekwood.
We have been to Cheekwood in the past to see artwork by David Chihuly so I knew we would have a nice time walking the grounds. This exhibit is going on until November 10 - if you get a chance, you should check it out. $15/pp
Matt and I spent about 2 hours here. You might spend more time here if you decide to get a drink and listen to either of the two 3-piece bands playing music. You can even dance if the mood strikes you.
My favorite exhibits:

Comprised of 40 structures built out of more than 10,000 one-liter recyclable plastic bottles filled with water and fiber optics connected to LED projectors and audio systems.
I thought they looked awesome! Matt claims he could make this. Ya - I'm sure!

Field of Light
20,000 lighted glass spheres, each rising from the ground on a slender stem.
Looks like a million flowers. I want to walk through them. Maybe pick a few to place in a vase by my bed...
Some other exhibits we saw:
This one reminds me of a baby in it's mother's womb. Looks like an umbilical cord. (I think it's actually a plug though.)
What you think? Pretty, huh?

Monday, October 21, 2013

Bourbon Chase 2013

Alright people - I completed #30 on my 30 Before 30 List- Volunteer!!!

Friday I volunteered to work check-in at the Bourbon Chase. This is a run along the Bourbon trail from Clermont, KY to Lexington, KY by teams of 12 members and costs $1,500 per team. Evidently they have so many teams signup that not all get to run. Crazy right? The money collected goes to three organizations (I looked it up) - The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, National Hospice Foundation, and Lexarts.

Three of my co-workers and I decided to do this together. One of them has done it for several years and the other two have done it for two years. I won't lie, I felt a little bullied into volunteering, but I am glad I did in the end. I actually enjoyed myself! GASP!
Like they say, some people really will do anything for a free t-shirt. Me included! LOL!
I volunteered for first shift which was 7-11:30AM.
The Bourbon Chase began at the Jim Beam Distillery.
My job at the check-in station was to check-in teams. DUH!!!
When a team came up to us, I asked who was the team captain. They had to tell us there team name and number. We called out the name and number and then were given their bag of shirts, goodies and paperwork.
Within the paperwork, the team captain verified the team rooster - signed off on it being correct or made and paid for corrections, showed us the team's safety equipment, and we explained how the tracking chip must be on the last runner and the bracelet must be passed to each runner. IDs were then checked to verify each runner was 21 or over and we then placed a tasting band on each runner. Driver did not get a tasting band.
This was a bit daunting in the beginning to me. After a few teams it became easy.
Once they checked-in with us, we sent them down to the starting line:
While checking in teams, we saw several funny and/or cute getups.
We saw several tie-dyed team shirts, a group of business men, pink cowboy hats, tutus, crazy wigs....
My favorite were the butts:

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And because I need to show you the front of the shirt:

I forgot to have a picture of me taken there so you get this one. :)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Official Notice

Please accept this as my official notice....
I am no longer going to post weekend recaps. I don’t typically do much over the weekend worth mentioning. If I do something blog worthy, I will start writing about it the way I used to do it. I think this is why I am not posting my blog recaps until Thursday night.
Just to finish off the recap for this past weekend (and to further prove my point):
Last weekend Matt and I did some grocery shopping, movie watching and went to church. Not a whole lot to report.
World War Z was good. Had me on my toes several times.
Pain and Gain was awful - we only watched about 20 minutes of it. DO NOT rent!
I tried something I read online to hopefully get rid of the slugs all over my driveway. It said to place a bowl of beer outside. It is suppose to attract the slugs and then they drown.
After a full 24 hours, I 'caught' 2 bees and 5 slugs.
I am concluding this experiment was a FAIL! Maybe it works better with a different type of beer??? I used Budweiser in the blue bottle. (I am too lazy to get up and look in the fridge as to what type of Budweiser beer was used.)
Can we talk TV shows?
I love several new shows this season!
Do you watch the Revolution? Yes, I know it isn't new. The last few episodes haven't been very good. I think I am going to stop watching... it is becoming too unrealistic for me. Aaron came back from the dead? What the heck! I absolutely love the concept of this show - I just can’t do unrealistic sci-fi stuff like they are turning the show. I wish they would have kept the show how it started. If they must have people come back from the dead, why didn't they bring Nora back? I do not like Miles and Rachel together! Just saying!
Have you been watching The Black List? I LOVE it! Absolutely LOVE it! I am curious how this show will continue on, but for now I am happy with the premise of the show. Do you think he is her dad? I do.
Some other new shows I am watching are The Millers and The Goldsteins. Both in my opinion are good family shows. I am looking forward to future episodes. They are both quirky and funny in there own way... like last week on The Millers... the mom had bought 5 grave spots and she didn't want to be next to her soon to be ex-husband and her son had to ask his ex-wife for her signature to remove her from the plots so his brother-in-law would have his own plot instead of sharing with his wife. LOL!
I could go on and on about TV shows I am enjoying right now. :)
What's your new favorites?

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Another Weekend Gone By

How is it Thursday already???
Times flies by WAY too fast sometimes.
I am trying to write up my weekend every week, therefore I am going to tell you about last weekend even though it was very low key and several days ago.  
AKA very boring.
Due to one reason or another (I might share later), I was a bit stressed over last week and the weekend. Mostly due to financial reasons.
Friday Matt and I stayed at home and watched TV. I also did some reading and surfing on the web.
Saturday I stayed home all day and read one whole book and then some of another! I could not put it down! Plus I had nothing else to do since I was trying to not go anywhere and spend money. (I have slowly been reading all books by Karen Kingsbury - Christian author who always tells an amazing story in each book.)
Sunday I had to get out of the house. I could not stand one more day of doing nothing. We went to Culver's for an inexpensive lunch. (I had a coupon from my new coupon 'book' I bought a couple of weeks ago from a neighborhood kid for $10.) We then went to Meijer to do a little grocery shopping and to the mall because Matt needed some new clothes.
We got some awesome deals on his clothes:
Not sure why the picture is sideways???
2 pairs of shorts $30
5 shirts $30
The 3 black shirts are the exact same.... they were (I assume) missed clearances. We got lucky! Matt was looking at the Adidas shirts in the full priced section and wanted me to price scan a few of them to see if they were on sale. I scanned the red shirt and it said $6. I scanned a black shirt and it said $6. So I thought something was wrong with the machine. A scanned the shirt right next to the machine and it showed $20. I couldn't believe we found such a steal on name brand clothes for Matt. (He is WAY a bit picky and we hardly ever find him clearance clothes.)
At $6 each, he decided to buy these 5 shirts which include 3 of the same since he likes plain black shirts. We found them all at JC Penny's.
The shorts were on clearance for $15 each at Dillard's.
I was strong and did not look for any clothes for me since we are trying to save money. Plus, I got clothes last time we shopped.
Sunday evening we had planned to go see Halloween at the Zoo, but all the rain we had over the weekend ruined those plans. Because of this and the fact that we got a little good news that afternoon, we decided to use another coupon from my 'book' and go to Popeye's. The best fast food chicken ever!