Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Recap

I had a WONDERFUL weekend of barely doing anything! I like weekends where I stay home and do nothing and I like weekends when we are nonstop sightseeing. This weekend was a mix of the two. A perfect mix of the two to be exact.
Friday after work, I came home to baked/grilled hot wings courtesy of Matt's cooking. Yum!
(Wish I had taken a picture.)
We settled in for the last disc (there were only 2) of Duck Dynasty Season 3 and some Lindt chocolate.
We just recently started watching this show. We have been DVRing (I think I am making this word up) all the episodes, but there were a bunch we hadn’t seen on season 3. Yes, I know we are VERY late in watching this show. I am thankful our local library have them all available to rent. There is a long waiting list for the other two seasons though. I LOVE Uncle Si! Big s, little i - as he said it in one episode. :)
After our DVD we decided to go to Meijer to get our grocery shopping for the week out of the way. While at Meijer I saw a neat item worth mentioning:

Mason jar cups I would have bought had they of been made of something other than cheap, thin plastic.
Saturday for lunch we decided to finally try out the restaurant Sidebar which we have been wanting to try out for several months now. It never seemed to work out the few times we tried going here. The very first weekend we tried going here they ended up being closed. We ate at a nearby restaurant and then looked them up online where we found there Facebook page which stated they were closed for a party.
The restaurant itself is inviting and looks a bit grand. Good first impression.
We decide to order beer cheese as an appetizer and we both got a burger and fries since that is really all they offer.
The beer cheese with the pretzels and chips were all right. Matt LOVED the pretzels! I thought the beer cheese was a bit salty.
Do you see the green thing in the dip?
What do you think it is?
I thought it was a piece of celery and I took a bite out of it..... it was an onion. GROSS!!!!!
The burgers were small and plain tasting.
$9 appetizer
$10 burger for me
$13 burger for Matt
$2 for 2 orders of fries.
Tax and tip
= not worth the money we paid for the meal
I DO NOT recommend eating here. Was not worth the money we spent. I don’t even like Ruby Tuesday's and I thought there burgers were better than Sidebar's. Not a good comparison people!
After lunch we walked to the river and enjoyed the view for about an hour. It was so nice to just sit there and enjoy the view. I was picturing myself on the cruise ship and I could ALMOST smell the salt water from the ocean. The breeze was just right for my cruise ship day dream.
While downtown, we saw this neat looking building being redone:
When leaving downtown we saw a piece of the Christmas decorations for The Galt House. Makes me very excited to know they are starting to set up for Christmas. I am looking forward to spending an evening at their hotel in the near future.
Notice the gutted building in the background. I LOVE old buildings!
The clouds were beautiful!
We had wanted to try a different doughnut shop, but they were closed. We settled for Krispy Kreme where we both tried the new pumpkin cheesecake doughnuts. Talk about YUMMY! I want another one of these ASAP! Good thing Matt's mom will be here next weekend which means we have an excuse to get another one.
We took Wyatt on a walk and then Matt left for Tennessee. He has a few things he needs to take care of on his days off. After Matt left, I didn’t do anything except watch TV and read.

Sunday I sat around the house watching movies I had previously DVDed (another made-up word) and did some house cleaning.
I watched The Princess and the Frog - I have never seen it. I thought it was cute. I also watched Assault on Prescient 13 which I had seen before.
I washed all our laundry to include sheets and blankets, cleaned the ceiling fans and washed the inside of the windows.
That evening I decided to go to Papa Murphy's for some pizza since they sent me a text message with an awesome deal - buy 1 large thin crust pizza with one topping, get 1 free. You were allowed to do this deal 3 times. So I did. I got 6 pizzas for $5 each before tax.
One I ate, the other five went into the freezer. We do this all the time. They taste just as good when you cook them after freezing them. Can't go wrong at $5 - that’s the same price as getting them at the grocery store.
I like to buy chicken and then add my own pineapples.
Sidewalk Prophets has a Christmas CD coming out tomorrow. I hope Lifeway has a good sale on it.... I wanna buy it. Is it too early to be listening to Christmas music?  
Did I ever tell you I emailed Chobani letting them know how mad I was that they hadn’t done a product recall on possible contaminated yogurt with mold? In my email I told them I would never buy their product again because I was so disgusted with how they handled the issue. I still feel this way. I am just teeter totting now that they sent my 8 coupons for FREE products. I am tempted to buy because I really do enjoy them and I know mistakes happen. I am annoyed they didn’t even send a response to my email.
Luckily these don’t expire until next March so I have some time to decide what I want to do.  

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