Monday, September 16, 2013

Ice Cream and Cake

Saturday we celebrated G's birthday.
My mom (and maybe him - not sure) decided to grill at their house.
Menu -
Grilled pork loin chops
Corn on the cob
Baked beans
Birthday Cake
Homemade ice cream
While G was outside I wanted to decorate the kitchen a little bit to make it feel more festive for this very special occasion. You gotta love the Dollar Tree! They always have a bunch of good decorations for parties. (A few decorations - about $5 worth can make someone feel a little extra special.)
And because I don't have too much too say about the party since I cannot post pictures of people without there permission, please enjoy the following pictures of my Wyatt.
Can you believe he is turning 16 next week?!?!?! CRAZY!!!
I LOVE my little old man!