Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Happy Sweet 16 Wyatt Earp Poo Del!

My sweet puppy dog is 16 today!
Can you believe it?
He is the oldest dog I have ever had and possibly have ever met!?!?
I am so happy GOD introduced him into my life! He has always been there for me through the good and bad - I am thankful he is still here for me.

Ugly smile.
I still remember the day we got him... all of us were in the kitchen with him and he saw himself in the mirror and started barking. He evidently thought his reflection was another dog. Ha ha ha!
I'll never forget that memory - it was adorable!
Because it is his special day, please enjoy these recent pictures of my baby boy:

 Sleepy time...
Did you notice he sleeps funny???

Yes, I love my dog.
Yes, I am one of those dog lovers who takes 300 pictures of her dog in one weekend.
Yes, I will show you several pictures of my dog at once.
Yes, I like my dog more then I like most people.
Yes, I think my dog is the cutest.
Yes, I think my dog is the softest.
Yes, I think my dog is the sweetest.
Yes, I think my dog is the funniest.
Yes, I think my dog is the most behaved.
No, I didn't throw a birthday party for my dog. I just bought him special cookies and had intentions to make home baked cookies. :) Also gave him a bath.
And no, we did not buy him a new car for his 16th birthday!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

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  1. Hi, I couldn’t find an email address. I wanted to ask a question about your dog, so can you email me back?