Monday, September 30, 2013

2nd Weekend Wrap Up In a Row

Hold the phones....
I'm actually doing what my title says... posting TWO weekend wrap ups in a row!
Over the last few days of the work week my mom was here for business and she got to stay with us for a few days which was nice. Wish she could visit more often. :)
Friday night Matt and I hung out around the house until we went to Kroger for a few groceries. (Not too much to tell here.)
Saturday morning we finished the last little bit of cleaning before Matt's mom got here for the weekend. Once she arrived, Matt made some burgers and then we left for his company's 'open house'. I was very excited to FINALLY see where Matt works! I am happy we were able to go and now I know exactly what he does, where he does it and what it looks like.
I need to get him to see where I work now. (Much easier task - just gotta sign him in.)

We saw a few neat looking cars...
After a BUNCH of walking at his 'open house', we took his mom to Joe Huber's to pick apples. This was her first time EVER! And I am extremely glad we got to experience her first time with her. I really think she had a nice time.

I know I enjoying picking whatever fruit is in season. You know, as long as it isn't too hot! Just saying!

The very fun tractor ride to the apple orchard...
Or the pumpkin area if you were picking pumpkins...
(A must do to get the full experience.)
Yummy Fuji apples on a tree...
 Me picking those yummy Fuji apples off a tree....
Sunday morning Matt's mom left. Due to work and church, she couldn't stay very long. Maybe next time.
After relaxing at home all morning, we decided to try out a new pizza restaurant I had read about online called BoomBozz.
Not only do we like the name of the restaurant, we also enjoyed the food.
I tried something new - a pizza with chicken and potatoes called Pollotate'.
Not something I would normally pick, but it was highly recommended by the waitress and it was seen on Food Network and it won International Pizza of the year by I'm not sure who.
Plus I am trying to try new foods per my 30 before 30. This should definitely count for my list.
Matt had Tony's Supremo which was a loaded pizza.
We will definitely eat here again in the future.
We have both agreed we want to try the calzones next time. They looked delicious. And we also saw they have giant pretzels and beer cheese just like Sidebar had on there menu (if you read my last recap you know I don't recommend that restaurant).

After lunch we stopped at the library for Season 2 of Duck Dynasty which we watched within a few hours since we had already seen half the episodes. We also made a stopped at Lowe's to price counters. Not cheap let me tell you.

This evening Matt had to work so I stopped at Redbox for the movie Epic. It was cute. Not a favorite, but I did enjoy it.
I'm sure I'll add it to my future children's movie collection.

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