Monday, September 30, 2013

2nd Weekend Wrap Up In a Row

Hold the phones....
I'm actually doing what my title says... posting TWO weekend wrap ups in a row!
Over the last few days of the work week my mom was here for business and she got to stay with us for a few days which was nice. Wish she could visit more often. :)
Friday night Matt and I hung out around the house until we went to Kroger for a few groceries. (Not too much to tell here.)
Saturday morning we finished the last little bit of cleaning before Matt's mom got here for the weekend. Once she arrived, Matt made some burgers and then we left for his company's 'open house'. I was very excited to FINALLY see where Matt works! I am happy we were able to go and now I know exactly what he does, where he does it and what it looks like.
I need to get him to see where I work now. (Much easier task - just gotta sign him in.)

We saw a few neat looking cars...
After a BUNCH of walking at his 'open house', we took his mom to Joe Huber's to pick apples. This was her first time EVER! And I am extremely glad we got to experience her first time with her. I really think she had a nice time.

I know I enjoying picking whatever fruit is in season. You know, as long as it isn't too hot! Just saying!

The very fun tractor ride to the apple orchard...
Or the pumpkin area if you were picking pumpkins...
(A must do to get the full experience.)
Yummy Fuji apples on a tree...
 Me picking those yummy Fuji apples off a tree....
Sunday morning Matt's mom left. Due to work and church, she couldn't stay very long. Maybe next time.
After relaxing at home all morning, we decided to try out a new pizza restaurant I had read about online called BoomBozz.
Not only do we like the name of the restaurant, we also enjoyed the food.
I tried something new - a pizza with chicken and potatoes called Pollotate'.
Not something I would normally pick, but it was highly recommended by the waitress and it was seen on Food Network and it won International Pizza of the year by I'm not sure who.
Plus I am trying to try new foods per my 30 before 30. This should definitely count for my list.
Matt had Tony's Supremo which was a loaded pizza.
We will definitely eat here again in the future.
We have both agreed we want to try the calzones next time. They looked delicious. And we also saw they have giant pretzels and beer cheese just like Sidebar had on there menu (if you read my last recap you know I don't recommend that restaurant).

After lunch we stopped at the library for Season 2 of Duck Dynasty which we watched within a few hours since we had already seen half the episodes. We also made a stopped at Lowe's to price counters. Not cheap let me tell you.

This evening Matt had to work so I stopped at Redbox for the movie Epic. It was cute. Not a favorite, but I did enjoy it.
I'm sure I'll add it to my future children's movie collection.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Happy Sweet 16 Wyatt Earp Poo Del!

My sweet puppy dog is 16 today!
Can you believe it?
He is the oldest dog I have ever had and possibly have ever met!?!?
I am so happy GOD introduced him into my life! He has always been there for me through the good and bad - I am thankful he is still here for me.

Ugly smile.
I still remember the day we got him... all of us were in the kitchen with him and he saw himself in the mirror and started barking. He evidently thought his reflection was another dog. Ha ha ha!
I'll never forget that memory - it was adorable!
Because it is his special day, please enjoy these recent pictures of my baby boy:

 Sleepy time...
Did you notice he sleeps funny???

Yes, I love my dog.
Yes, I am one of those dog lovers who takes 300 pictures of her dog in one weekend.
Yes, I will show you several pictures of my dog at once.
Yes, I like my dog more then I like most people.
Yes, I think my dog is the cutest.
Yes, I think my dog is the softest.
Yes, I think my dog is the sweetest.
Yes, I think my dog is the funniest.
Yes, I think my dog is the most behaved.
No, I didn't throw a birthday party for my dog. I just bought him special cookies and had intentions to make home baked cookies. :) Also gave him a bath.
And no, we did not buy him a new car for his 16th birthday!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Recap

I had a WONDERFUL weekend of barely doing anything! I like weekends where I stay home and do nothing and I like weekends when we are nonstop sightseeing. This weekend was a mix of the two. A perfect mix of the two to be exact.
Friday after work, I came home to baked/grilled hot wings courtesy of Matt's cooking. Yum!
(Wish I had taken a picture.)
We settled in for the last disc (there were only 2) of Duck Dynasty Season 3 and some Lindt chocolate.
We just recently started watching this show. We have been DVRing (I think I am making this word up) all the episodes, but there were a bunch we hadn’t seen on season 3. Yes, I know we are VERY late in watching this show. I am thankful our local library have them all available to rent. There is a long waiting list for the other two seasons though. I LOVE Uncle Si! Big s, little i - as he said it in one episode. :)
After our DVD we decided to go to Meijer to get our grocery shopping for the week out of the way. While at Meijer I saw a neat item worth mentioning:

Mason jar cups I would have bought had they of been made of something other than cheap, thin plastic.
Saturday for lunch we decided to finally try out the restaurant Sidebar which we have been wanting to try out for several months now. It never seemed to work out the few times we tried going here. The very first weekend we tried going here they ended up being closed. We ate at a nearby restaurant and then looked them up online where we found there Facebook page which stated they were closed for a party.
The restaurant itself is inviting and looks a bit grand. Good first impression.
We decide to order beer cheese as an appetizer and we both got a burger and fries since that is really all they offer.
The beer cheese with the pretzels and chips were all right. Matt LOVED the pretzels! I thought the beer cheese was a bit salty.
Do you see the green thing in the dip?
What do you think it is?
I thought it was a piece of celery and I took a bite out of it..... it was an onion. GROSS!!!!!
The burgers were small and plain tasting.
$9 appetizer
$10 burger for me
$13 burger for Matt
$2 for 2 orders of fries.
Tax and tip
= not worth the money we paid for the meal
I DO NOT recommend eating here. Was not worth the money we spent. I don’t even like Ruby Tuesday's and I thought there burgers were better than Sidebar's. Not a good comparison people!
After lunch we walked to the river and enjoyed the view for about an hour. It was so nice to just sit there and enjoy the view. I was picturing myself on the cruise ship and I could ALMOST smell the salt water from the ocean. The breeze was just right for my cruise ship day dream.
While downtown, we saw this neat looking building being redone:
When leaving downtown we saw a piece of the Christmas decorations for The Galt House. Makes me very excited to know they are starting to set up for Christmas. I am looking forward to spending an evening at their hotel in the near future.
Notice the gutted building in the background. I LOVE old buildings!
The clouds were beautiful!
We had wanted to try a different doughnut shop, but they were closed. We settled for Krispy Kreme where we both tried the new pumpkin cheesecake doughnuts. Talk about YUMMY! I want another one of these ASAP! Good thing Matt's mom will be here next weekend which means we have an excuse to get another one.
We took Wyatt on a walk and then Matt left for Tennessee. He has a few things he needs to take care of on his days off. After Matt left, I didn’t do anything except watch TV and read.

Sunday I sat around the house watching movies I had previously DVDed (another made-up word) and did some house cleaning.
I watched The Princess and the Frog - I have never seen it. I thought it was cute. I also watched Assault on Prescient 13 which I had seen before.
I washed all our laundry to include sheets and blankets, cleaned the ceiling fans and washed the inside of the windows.
That evening I decided to go to Papa Murphy's for some pizza since they sent me a text message with an awesome deal - buy 1 large thin crust pizza with one topping, get 1 free. You were allowed to do this deal 3 times. So I did. I got 6 pizzas for $5 each before tax.
One I ate, the other five went into the freezer. We do this all the time. They taste just as good when you cook them after freezing them. Can't go wrong at $5 - that’s the same price as getting them at the grocery store.
I like to buy chicken and then add my own pineapples.
Sidewalk Prophets has a Christmas CD coming out tomorrow. I hope Lifeway has a good sale on it.... I wanna buy it. Is it too early to be listening to Christmas music?  
Did I ever tell you I emailed Chobani letting them know how mad I was that they hadn’t done a product recall on possible contaminated yogurt with mold? In my email I told them I would never buy their product again because I was so disgusted with how they handled the issue. I still feel this way. I am just teeter totting now that they sent my 8 coupons for FREE products. I am tempted to buy because I really do enjoy them and I know mistakes happen. I am annoyed they didn’t even send a response to my email.
Luckily these don’t expire until next March so I have some time to decide what I want to do.  

Monday, September 16, 2013

3 Pumpkins Painting

I LOVE painting classes which I am sure you know if you have been reading my blog for any length of time. I think I type this same sentence on most of my painting posts. LOL!
If you haven't been reading my blog for long, click the links to my other painting posts.
AMERICAN FLAG (on our own)
I wish I had artistic talents.... I would cover every inch of my house with paintings.
No, scratch that.
I would paint every spot of my house with murals. Yep. Every inch. Slowly, but surely.
Unfortunately, I wasn't gifted with any artistic skills. I enjoy going to art classes where they have step by step instructions on how to paint. Allows people like me to make masterpieces!
Our newest painting is Halloween Pumpkins:
I wanted to paint this painting last year.
We started off with our pumpkins outlined on our canvases. I think this is the secret to the children's painting classes. It made it easier for me. I plan on remembering this little trick in the future when I do my own paintings at home.
 Here's our paintings about half way through:
Mine is on the right.
My mom's is on the left.
I moved my painting for this picture which is why you don't see my paint.
We were the first ones to arrive to our class. They seemed to have many spots available and ready to be used, but only 6 people showed up. I was a little surprised since it was a Saturday night. Maybe other people don't get in the holiday mood until it is closer to that particular holiday? I don't know.
Being that there were only 6 of us, my mom commented on how we would probably get out of there early. Boy was she wrong! What was supposed to be a 3 hour class turned into a 4 hour class and still going when we left!
Our instructor started off mostly strong - I was a bit annoyed by how he kept blocking the painting while explaining. I also would have liked him to use the board to show the color we were making when he mixed his paint.
We painted the 'cut out areas' on the pumpkins, did one what was supposed to be a light and watery coat on our pumpkins, added a moon, painted the background blue, the table tan, shaded under the pumpkins, added a spider web and added stars before the issues started. This guy had obviously not practiced painting this particular picture. He kept having us do coat after coat on the pumpkin. We only started with 5 squirts of orange, but I think we ended up using about 20 squirts.
All in all, we had a wonderful time together and I am very happy with the outcome of our paintings. I wish my middle pumpkin looked better; I kept adding more and more paint so now he looks a bit different from the other two. I did this because I wasn't happy with how he looked. Now that I have spent more time looking at the painting, I think I don't like his mouth. I should have stopped adding color and have made this realization while painting.
My mom's in on top and mine is on the bottom.

Ice Cream and Cake

Saturday we celebrated G's birthday.
My mom (and maybe him - not sure) decided to grill at their house.
Menu -
Grilled pork loin chops
Corn on the cob
Baked beans
Birthday Cake
Homemade ice cream
While G was outside I wanted to decorate the kitchen a little bit to make it feel more festive for this very special occasion. You gotta love the Dollar Tree! They always have a bunch of good decorations for parties. (A few decorations - about $5 worth can make someone feel a little extra special.)
And because I don't have too much too say about the party since I cannot post pictures of people without there permission, please enjoy the following pictures of my Wyatt.
Can you believe he is turning 16 next week?!?!?! CRAZY!!!
I LOVE my little old man!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Doctor Visits

Have you missed me?
I've missed you!
Well, maybe that isn't exactly true....
I have thought about you.
In fact, I was going to blog the other night from my phone, but you have to download an app for the pictures. No thank you! I don’t want to download another app. Have you ever read the fine print on those things??? I hadn't at first. Then my husband pointed it out to me. Most apps, or maybe all apps, make you agree to share your information such as pictures, phone numbers etc when you download there app. I don’t like that! Not one little bit! Because of this, I am very picky on which apps I add to my phone. I only add the ones I know I'll use daily. Like Pinterest, Scrabble, Pandora and The Weather Channel. A girl has to be careful these days! Who knows who they sell that information to and what it is used for. Surely you have been hearing the news about NSA??? Scary stuff!
Anyways ---
We have had a bit of a chaotic past week starting with me. Last Monday, I noticed bumps on my right leg which looked like some sort of bug bite. I just assumed they were mosquito bites since I had been outside and they appeared to have a bump in the middle of a red spot just like mosquito bites tend to do. I scratched them a little then forgot about them. Until a few hours later when I had more and they itched again. I chalked this up to more mosquito bites while taking Wyatt outside to do his business.
That evening while in bed asleep, I woke up to itchiness and burning on these so-called mosquito bites. They were hurting so bad they woke me from my sleep! MY sleep! I cannot even express the amount of pain! Not unbearable, just very painful. I could barely keep still! I went to the bathroom to look at them under the light. I had even more bumps! And they looked angry! I decided to sooth them with a cold wet wash cloth. Helped a little. The cold felt good on the burning sensation. I then got up and got an icepack. Much better. At this point I had accidentally woken Matt. Couldn't sleep from that point on. Went to work and itched all day. No burning luckily. That night at work I went to sleep and was once again woken up by more itchiness and burning on my right leg. Now I started to freak out. I got my icepack and moved to the couch. I Googled everything it could possibly be - chicken pox, chiggers, scabies, mites, everything! I thought I had them all! I then started feeling movement on my leg - like bugs were crawling under my skin!
That morning I decided to make a doctor appointment to have them checked out. I was panicking big time!
Went to the doctor and was told I had folliculitis which is an inflammation of the hair follicles. Spreading is evidently common. Good thing I was keeping my own blankets around myself and Matt had his own! Plus, that morning, to be on the safe side, I had washed all our linens and started sitting on a towel in the living room. I left the doctor's office with a 10 day prescription. I told her I felt stupid for coming in there, but she assured me I needed to be there since it was an infection.
Here we are 10 days after my initial itching started and I am still a little itchy. Thankfully I have been sleeping through the night after those first two nights.
Although I am not 100% confident with the analysis of the mystery bumps, I am happy the medicine worked. Now I am only left with big bumps with scabs on them. Hopefully none scar.
Now on to Matt. His 'issue' happened yesterday. I'm going to tell you about it from my point of view.
While at work yesterday my phone stated no service around 2PM. I know this because I was in the process of surfing the web when it happened. I power cycled my phone and it still didn’t work. I figured service would come on in a few minutes, but it didn't. At 2:36PM my phone beeped twice indicating two texts. Both from Matt - one said he had to go to the doctor because he got foam in his eye. The next one said they were sending him in a cab. I instantly panicked! Had he tried to call me when I didn't have service? Why didn’t he call my work phone? What happened? Is he okay? Where were they taking him? What was going on? I texted him back and found out he was currently in the cab. I tried asking him what was going on and all he wanted to text me was how he was hungry and cabs are expensive. Funny now, but not helpful at the time.
FINALLY he tells me where the eye doctor was located that the cab was taking him to. And OF COURSE I was unable to leave work and wouldn’t be home for 2 more hours! (Not that I could have done anything.)
So he fills out the paperwork and waits in the lobby for the eye doctor and calls me. Evidently during lunch his eye started bothering him. About an hour or so later it was worse. While in the bathroom he noticed his eye was red and a white spot was on his eye. He assumed it was foam. He went to the on site doctor and they did whatever they did (I didn’t know at this point what they had done, but they had put orange dye in his eye and tried getting 'the white spot' out of his eye with a q-tip. They also gave him a tetanus shot. He thought they would just rinse out his eye. Next thing he knew they were calling doctors to get him an appointment, appointment was made and no matter what he said, they made him take a cab there and back.)
While waiting in the lobby for the doctor, Matt texted me that I was making him feel like he was dying. My nervousness was evidently making him nervous (through text). I felt so bad! That was the very last thing I wanted to do to him. I had to get myself under control. What was I going to do while talking to him on the phone or while face to face if I couldn’t get it together over text messaging? So I did what any good wife would do... I began texting him lighter stuff like 'what do you wanna do for dinner - we can go out to eat'. Followed by me listing a bunch of random restaurants. No response meaning he was in the doctor's office.

When he left the doctor's office he called and told me it was bacteria in the eye and he needed medicine. Wasn't sure if I should be relieved or not. I should mention a few days ago his eye was a little pink and it was bothering him. I had forgotten. For the record, I had told him to make an eye doctor appointment then.
When he got home, he joked it was probably from the bumps on my leg. (They had been a little pussy.) I denied it, but I can't help but think maybe it was from them. I hope that's not true. But you never know. Maybe some of the puss got on a blanket which he touched with his hand and then touched his eye with his hand. We will never know for sure.
As you can see, it has been a not so fun last week for us.
Here's to this week being a better one!
Thankfully it wasn't all bad. We did have a whole of relaxing over the weekend which was nice.
Over the weekend, I made my very first pot roast!
I know, I know.... what kind of female red blooded American doesn’t know how to make an old fashioned pot roast? Yes, I just used a gender stereotype. Yes, I know men cook as well. In fact, my husband cooked breakfast both weekend days. :)
But we aren’t talking about him, we are talking about me!
It was yummy!

And it was fairly easy to make. A bit time consuming washing, peeling and cutting the potatoes though. That was probably the longest part. Matt must have checked on it once every 30 minutes to an hour. Guess he wanted to make sure it was still in the pan. Ha ha ha! He always likes to look at what is cooking! He's my hungry man!
Went to Hobby Lobby this weekend and got some more beads and I made 2 more necklaces:
I am having fun making these! I need to learn another method now that I have 'mastered' this method of necklace making. Hopefully in the near future they offer another jewelry making class at the place I go to. I wanted to make a fall looking necklace with my copper wire, but sadly, the wire is too thick. I need to go back to Hobby Lobby for more. What a shame! Now I'll have to buy some more beads!