Friday, August 23, 2013

Wire Jewelry Necklace - No Tools Needed

I really need to think of something else to start off with instead of, 'I went to another craft class this week...' when I am talking about my most recent craft class. I tried to think of something - I really did. Nothing came to mind though.
This class was an introductory to jewelry making.
Loads of fun!
I wasn't sure how this was going to go, but I went in there with a positive attitude since I am no longer new to how things work within these classes. I am much more comfortable then the first time I came here.


I'm going to jump right into this tutorial...

Bead Wire - 26 or 28 Gauge
Nail Clippers

How You Do It:
Gather all your supplies and cut off same sized strips of wire. Our instructor had these pre-cut for us and she used wire cutters. You could just as easily use nail clippers since this particular bead wire is thin.

We placed all our supplies on trays in order to keep everything together.

Take 1 piece of wire and fold it over your skewer about an inch. Wrap your shorter piece of wire around your longer piece. Remove the skewer and you now have a loop. Using your nail clippers, make sure the edge of the wire you just wrapped isn't going to poke you. If it does, snip off the piece. Now place a bead (or more) on your piece of wire. While keeping the bead on your piece of wire, fold a piece of the wire over the skewer and wrap the shorter piece around the longer piece. Your bead should now be between the 2 'knots'. Make sure your 'knot' doesn't poke. If it does, clip it till it doesn't.
You are going to repeat these steps for your entire necklace while making sure to loop the new end through the old end to make a chain.
Very simple!

We did not use any latch on ours - we just attached the 2 ends and made sure it was large enough to go over our head.
I had enough beads to make a necklace and bracelet! I love my 'set'!
Now I need to coordinate it with an outfit for work because I gotta show off my new jewelry! I DEFINITELY plan on buying some beads and wire in the near future to make a few more sets to match my clothes.

P.S. I hung my WREATH at work so I can see it every day. I should also mention I mostly did this since I had nowhere to display it in the house. Glad I found it a nice display spot. :)

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