Thursday, August 29, 2013

Spray Paint, A Girl's Best Friend

I'm frugal.
Very frugal.
Why spend money when I don’t have to spend money?
Don’t you agree?
Our house has 3 total outdoor light fixtures - front door, backdoor and garage door.
The light fixture by the backdoor is a little over 2 years old. We bought it when we first bought the house. The other 2 are OLD! I believe they were probably installed when the house was built. Instead of spending money to replace them, I decided to spray paint them.
I figured it would be easy enough - I have painted before. Plus, if they didn’t look good we could always replace them.
My husband removed them and then I went to work.
I cleaned them, brushed them off with steel wool, then attempted to tape the glass. I couldn’t do it. It was too hard and taking too much time. It was about then that Matt came to me and asked why I didn’t take them completely apart. Duh! So I took them apart, cleaned them even better than before, then painted.
I used Rust-oleum metallic. 2 coats all over. Looked pretty good!
I followed up with Valspar Clear Satin. Not a good idea. Looked fine on my house numbers, but on the light fixtures, it seemed to dull my color. I had to do another coat. Then a second coat in certain spots. This was a bit frustrating!
Once fully dried, I put them both back together. What a task! I should have kept the different screws and screw covers separated. I had no clue which ones went to which light - I just randomly placed them on the lights. Then I freaked out a little because I had 4 left!
They go on the freaking house! Duh! #2!
After completely drying for 48 hours (should have been 24 hours), I added new energy efficient light bulbs and Matt attached them back onto the house.
Even Matt commented on how nice they look!

Next up, the mailbox.

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