Friday, August 16, 2013

No Sew Tutu

The other night I attended another craft class offered in my community.
And let me tell you - This was the BEST one yet!
I had so much fun!
Have I mentioned these classes are completely free???
We made little girl tutus.
Super simple!
Easy Peasy!

Measuring Stick
You can use any colors in any amounts and any sizes.Our class consisted of about 10 people and all of ours came out different due to different colors and lengths of tulle. I wish we had gotten a group picture. I'll have to remember to make the suggestion next time.

How it's done:
Basically you take a piece of ribbon long enough to go around your waist and add enough extra to tie it into a bow in the back. You could also use stretchy material instead of ribbon if you prefer.

Use your measuring stick to cut pieces of tulle to your desired length. I cut mine into roughly 24 inch pieces. When cutting, I didn’t worry about being precise. I just bunched it up and cut across the tulle. I also cut several pieces at a time to help save time. When I make another one, I think it would look fun with all different lengths throughout my tutu. If I do this, I wouldn't really need a measuring stick.

Once you have a few pieces of tulle cut, fold one piece in half. For me, this made my tulle roughly 12 inches now.
Place your piece of tulle under your ribbon with the 'hole' showing from the fold of your tulle. Bring your two raw ends of your tulle into your 'hole' and pull through.
Continue all around the area of the ribbon that will go around your waist. The tighter you pull your tulle, the more pieces you will need and the fuller it will be. I suggest doing all your tying and pulling of tulle in the same direction to keep your tutu uniformed in that aspect.
I choose to go around mine alternating between 3 pieces of blue and 3 pieces of purple. I started with one of each color, but it didn’t make my colors as bright as I wanted them.
After I was done, I copied another lady in my class and used shorter pieces to accentuate the purple. This was the color I was wanting to dominate and I felt this was a beautiful final touch. If you decide to do this, I recommend doing it while you are tying your other pieces. It was a bit of a pain in the butt to keep moving pieces over to add these additional pieces. Maybe if mine weren't as tight?
As I said before, I am in LOVE with it!

I plan on making one big enough for me in the very near future. I have NO IDEA where I'll wear it though!
Just not this weekend since I have to go to Hobby Lobby to buy some yarn for my crocheting class (I haven't mentioned this yet, have I?). These wonderful classes are going to make me go broke with all these fun things I am learning to make. :)


  1. I kept giggling every time I read "measuring stick"! It's also known as a "ruler"! You crack me up! And this project is so amazing! You SHOULD make one for Wyatt; he would look adorable :-) .

  2. Thanks so much for sharing,I have been wondering how to make these things. I have (2) God daughters who would love these, I will be off to Hobby Lobby on Monday - Kaley

    1. They will LOVE them! You can do 2 in just a few hours. :)