Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Kentucky Down Under

Sunday on our adventure we visited a third place....
Kentucky Down Under!

We had a blast here! I wish the temperature had been a little cooler - we would have stayed even longer.
Admission is $20 per adult. Again, we had a coupon for Buy 1, Get 1 FREE.

I had not planned to come here... we had planned to go to Cub Cave.
I had heard of it, thanks to my coupon, but when I had Googled it, I couldn't find any information about it. (I must have Googled the wrong thing.) We kept seeing billboards for it so Matt Googled it and, of course, he found the website and what it had to offer.
Once Matt saw the word 'kangaroo', he was sold!

It is located off I-65, exit 58.

We stopped and got some Subway then headed to the place.
After paying, we were given a map and set up a time to explore the cave.

If you go the left, you first see the reptile house. This was a bit disappointing. It was hot in the indoor section so we walked through it very quickly. Behind glass, we saw bats, turtles and snakes. A few of the glass windows have cracks and this creeped me out a bit. I don't like to think of creepy crawlers on the loose!

After the reptile house you see the gift shop and gem mining area. Not sure of prices since I didn't browse. Next you walk into the zoo section. The zoo section is small, but nice. Yes, the enclosures are small and a bit rundown, but we were told by an employee someone new now owns the park and is in the process of updating the enclosures.

Here are some of our favorite animals:
This little guy was extremely spunky! He kept bouncing back and forth.
Not sure why he has a dog collar wrapped around his body though. We did find that to be a little odd. Any ideas?
This bird was going to town biting on his wood toy. He sure seemed to be enjoying himself!
They had several different birds.
 Beautiful! Peacocks and ducks were just randomly walking around the park.
The dingos looked like house pets!
I wanted to pet him! You know, until he bit my face off!

The highlight of the entire trip was the main attraction they advertise...
We got to PET kangaroos!
2 of them!
Please be kind and ignore my fatness! HA!
They are soooo soft!
Did you know when they have babies they are only the size of a jellybean? I had no idea!

This kangaroo has a baby!!!
Do you see it??? I wanted to cuddle with it!
We also got to pet an emu.
Coarse feathers on the top and soft feathers underneath.
Next it was time to explore the cave.
What an entrance! This was by the gift shop, but I hadn't noticed it when we walked by the first time.
This tour was amazing!!!!
They do have a light system down there, but the new owner is the process of updating it. Which means right now they are doing lantern and flashlight tours.
We LOVED the entire experience of this!
We felt we were really exploring the cave. It won't be nearly as fun once the new light system is up and running. I did read reviews on the cave and many people complained about this. I don't understand why. Where else can you have this experience? At $20 per person?
At one point we even got to turn off all the lights for about 30 seconds.
You can't see ANYTHING down there without lights! Not even your hand right in front of your face!
I had a flashlight and Matt had a lantern. The flashlight was much better to have.
 We even saw a salamander and cave cricket (not pictured).
After the cave we were both hot and tired. We decided to call it a day.
We did not visit the sheep area or the nature trails. We also skipped the pellet gun shooting area. I am confident we will visit this park again so we will be sure to check these area next time. They also offer a horse carriage ride around the park that we did not take advantage of.

I 100% recommend you visit this wonderful park.
Yes, it is small and old, but I can guarantee you and your family will have a nice visit.
Check it out!

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