Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dinosaur World

Disclaimer: I cannot believe I am giving this place it's own blog posting. However, I have decided to go ahead and do it in case someone searches Dinosaur World and wants to know what if offers. I would hate for other people like us to go and be disappointed like we were disappointed.

Last week I was racking my brain trying to think of ideas of where Matt and I could explore over the weekend. I have lived in Kentucky for almost 4 years now and I feel there are many places I have yet to see. Places which would have been too far for me to have visited while living in Tennessee unless I did a weekend visit out here. And because Matt and I do hope to return to Tennessee one of these days, I feel we should visit more of these places while we are still here and have the opportunity.
I had me a nice list of about 5 places I thought we could visit on Saturday.
But Saturday it rained off and on. All day. We saw no point in wasting a 90 minutes drive just to have our activities rained out.
Thankfully, Sunday's forecast looked much better!
We only ended up going to 3 total places. One of them wasn't even on my list! I'll get to that later though.

Sunday we woke around 8AM and Matt made us pancakes and bacon! One of my favorite breakfasts! I am no good at pancake making so I always look forward to pancake day. :)
After breakfast we got showered and dressed, packed a cooler of drinks and headed out.
We decided to drive to Dinosaur World which is located off of I-65, exit 53.
We always see it when driving back and forth to Tennessee and we both had wanted to check it out. I had envisioned it a certain way and I just knew we would have a nice time walking around the area.

The building was very promising when you first pull into the parking lot:
Looked pretty darn neat in my opinion!
I felt like a little kid! Can't you tell by the way I HAD to have my picture taken under the big dinosaur?

When you first walk in the building, you are in the gift shop. I can't comment on the prices since I didn't look at anything close enough.
The cost is $13.51 (after tax) per adult. Luckily we had a Buy 1, Get 1 FREE coupon.
After you pay you get a map explaining what there is to see and where you can see it. You can then explore at your own leisure. We decided to check out the small museum first which was located right outside the entrance doors to the left. It was hot in this indoor area, so we walked through the museum a little quickly. They had a few different artifacts in the wall behind glass, but several of them were replicas. We did hear a video playing somewhere - didn't stop to check it out though.

Once we walked through the museum in less then 5 minutes, we headed outside.

Here are some of the dinosaurs we saw:
Absolutely nothing special about them.
I thought for sure they would move when you walked near them or that you would be able to at least push a button and hear a small fact or some history about them.
Nothing though!
They just stood there and did nothing!
And the circle around the whole area had to be less then half a mile. Can't even get a decent 'workout' here unless you walk around the park several times!
 (The dinosaur you see from the interstate.)

They do have a park and picnic area for children. They also have a fossil dig that is opened certain times of the day. This was not open while while we were here so again I cannot comment on this area.

In the end, I'm not sure we even spent 30 minutes here.
Waste of money for us. I am very glad we at least only had to purchase one ticket. I might have been mad had we spent more money on this worthless trip.

Would I go here again?

Do I recommend you visit here?
Only if you have children under the age of 5 and they like dinosaurs. I can't imagine older kids having an enjoyable time.
While in the area we did see Guntown Mountain. Tripadvisor doesn't rate it very well; one of my co-workers went and she loved it.

We also checked out a neat place I had seen about a year ago when I got routed off the interstate due to a wreck...
Wigwam Motel:
How cool, huh?
Imagine sleeping in a 'tent'. I don't have any desire to do it, but I can imagine if I was a small child I might think it was fun. I just thought it was something different to see.
I would have LOVED to peek inside one of them! Maybe next time!

See next blog posting for stop #3.

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